Employer Services

IVCC’s Career Services is available to assist you with your ongoing recruitment efforts.

Employer Services Include:Career

  • Posting your full-time, part-time or internship position on our website. Visit Post a Job for details.
  • Routing your full-time, part-time or internship position to instructors who teach courses that are related to the position.
  • Offering the information to students, alumni and community residents who use the services of the Career Services.
  • Providing information regarding labor market and job search topics.

Simply e-mail or fax your position to us, and we will provide these services free of charge.

Located in CTC - 203 or at:

815 North Orlando Smith Road
Oglesby, Illinois 61348
Phone: 815-224-0502
Fax: 815-224-0384
E-mail:  lisa_witalka@ivcc.edu

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