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Job Title: Electrical and Electronics Technician


Expires: 05/02/2014
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Job Title: Electrical and Electronics Technician
Oak State Products, Inc.
Job Type:
Full Time
Degrees Wanted:
Associates, Certificate
Majors Wanted:
Electronics & Electricians
Job Target:
Any Job Target
Wenona, IL 61377
$23.3450/hr - $26.8975/hr
Job Description:
Job Title: Electrical and Electronics Technician Department: Maintenance Reports to: Electrical and Electronics Coordinator Job Summary: This position will work closely with the Maintenance department and the Electrical and Electronics Coordinator to provide electrical and programming support. Essential Functions and Responsibilities: ·Assist the Maintenance department in the upkeep and maintenance of all electrical equipment in the plant ·Assist with electrical troubleshooting, repair and maintain of all equipment which includes, but are not limited to: *Various types of PLC's (mainly Allen-Bradley) *Various types of Touch Screens (mainly Allen Bradley) *Various types of VFD's *ABB Robotics *Communications (DH+, DH485, Devicenet, Ethernet, and Controlnet) *AC/DC motors *Various types of Servo motors and controls *High and low voltage systems *Various types of Industrial Sensors *Control and lighting systems *Electrical schematics o120V and 240V single phase power systems o208V, 240V and 480V three phase power systems ·Assist with installing power to any temporary and or permanent installations that may be taking place in the plant. ·Document electrical materials taken from the Maintenance department to allow for good inventory control. ·Perform and complete all work orders assigned through the MVP Plant (Preventative/Predictive Maintenance) program in a timely manner. ·Be on call for any electrical emergencies at the plant when you are not on duty (primarily during weekends - E&E Coordinator will work out an "on-call" schedule) ·Work with outside contractors/vendors and with OEM personnel on project installations as needed. ·All other duties as assigned by members of management at OSP. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities Required: ·Must have knowledge of all, or most of the applications listed above ·Must be knowledgeable in GMP's and the HACCP program ·Must have basic math skills ·Must have excellent record and document keeping skills ·Must have good organizational and communication skills in order to prioritize work and minimize downtime. ·Must display great attention to detail ·Knowledge/Skills of running/sizing conduit and pulling/sizing wire in an industrial environment are preferred. Job Qualifications: ·High school diploma or equivalent ·Must be 18 years of age ·One year of electrical/electronics experience preferred

Application Instructions: Please visit Oak State's website to apply - www.oakstate.com or www.oakstatejobs.com (Please attach a resume). Thank you! Oak State Human Resources
TJ Nelson
775 State Route 251 PO Box 549, Wenona, IL 61377
Email: tj.nelson@oakstate.com
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