FAQ for Job Seekers

Each spring in April, Illinois Valley Community College's office of Career Services sponsors the Annual Job Fair. 
  • Do I need to pre-register for the job fair?
    All Job Seekers will be asked to sign in at the registration area on the day of the Job Fair. The registration will include a brochure with employer names and table numbers. Job Seekers will also receive a survey to complete and turn in before leaving. (The survey results help us make the follow job fair a better event.) 

  • Who may attend the job fair?
    This college district-wide job fair is open to the public and is free to all job seekers.
  • What types of positions were available at the job fair?
    A variety of employers attend the job fair each year and represent industries including manufacturing, healthcare, financial services, as well as others.
  • How do I prepare for a job fair?
    Professional attire is best - wear comfortable shoes. Have plenty copies of your résumé on hand - you never know who might be interested. Your résumé should be current and relevant to the position(s) you are interested in. (read more...preparation is KEY!)
  • What do you consider "interview attire"?
    First impressions count. 
    Dressing appropriately gives you more confidence and credibility.  Remember clothes say a lot about you: clothing is a non-verbal communication.
    Begin with the basics: well-styled, understated outfits. Avoid frayed, wrinkled, or soiled clothing. Avoid clothes that are too short, tight, baggy, boldly colored, revealing or trendy.  No flashy jewelry - don’t accessorize to excess. Go for a finished look. Have neat, tidy comfortable hair style.  If you have facial hair, it should be neat and trim. Use little or no cologne or perfume.

  • What if I do not have a résumé?
    A résumé is a summary of who you are and when presented properly, your résumé should demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the position. Take advantage of the Résumé Builder in our on-line job search resource system - which is powered by College Central Network. Not using this free system yet? Visit www.collegecentral.com/ivcc to create your password protected account.
    If it is close to the date of the job fair and you do not have a résumé, be prepared to complete a job application. Bring the correct names, addresses, and phone numbers of all past employers with you on a sheet of paper. You will be able to complete job applications at the job fair. 

  • What is not allowed at the job fair?
    There are several things to keep in mind about job fair behavior to maximize your job fair experience.
       a.) Your cell phone should be turned "off". You should give an employer your undivided attention. A ringing cell phone is distracting and should not be used during the job fair.
       b.) You should visit each employer table by yourself. The job fair is not a place for children.  Friends and family can slow you down and be distracting for everyone.  The job fair is an opportune time for you to meet employers face-to-face and discuss your strengths and abilities with them.

Take advantage of all that potential under one roof.  Remember, on the day of the Job Fair, those recruiters are there just for you!

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