Illinois Valley Community College is providing exposure to the real world of work. The knowledge and skills learned in the classroom and laboratory setting can be applied to real life situations confronting a person while working in the field. Students should take this opportunity to showcase themselves in front of people working in the employment environment. In this way, they can develop the confidence and self-assurance helpful in obtaining employment upon completion of their educational experience. The employer will be able to judge first-hand if they wish to offer the intern (student) full-time employment when the student graduates from IVCC. The experience provided during the internship better prepares the student for the college courses remaining in the student’s program of study by giving relevancy and meaning to the knowledge and skills taught in the classroom.

Students interested in an internship should:

• First meet with the appropriate Internship Program Coordinator  in your career field to:

a.  obtain approval for an internship course and obtain your program specific internship packet
 - and -
b.  obtain your Student Internship Registration and Tracking FormStudent Internship Waiver of Liability Form, and a blue course registration form

• Then you are required to register your internship intent with Career Services:

a.  once you have identified your internship location, completed the forms noted in bullet 'b.' above and acquired your Program Coordinator's signatures
 - then -
b.  bring the forms to Career Services for processing. Incomplete forms or forms lacking signatures will not be processed.

To search for current internship opportunities in northern Illinois simply go www.collegecentral.com/ivcc   

To access other web-based internship listing services click the following links:

CollegeGrad:  https://collegegrad.com/

Glass Door for Students:  https://www.glassdoor.com/Students/index.htm

Internweb:  http://www.internweb.com/

Interesting article:  How to Find an Internship - Internships for Students, Grads, and Career Changers at:  https://www.thebalance.com/how-to-find-an-internship-2061073