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IVCC’s Career Services office now has copies of the Job Choices magazines available to help you plan and implement your job-search strategy. Published annually, Job Choices provides job-search advice and information about employers interested in new college graduates.

In the latest issue of Job Choices, you'll find information on the job market for the class of 2012 (including what employers say you can do to make yourself a more attractive candidate), resume and interview advice, tips on networking, and more. The Job Choices magazines are available in three editions - each with their own unique features and resources:

  • Job Choices for Business & Liberal Arts Students highlights career opportunities with employers in the nontechnical fields, including accounting, insurance, retail, finance, and more, and provides career planning and job-search advice for students pursuing degrees in the nontechnical disciplines.
  • Job Choices for Science, Engineering, & Technology Students highlights career opportunities with employers in the technical fields, including engineering, science, computer science, and healthcare, and features career planning and job-search information tailored to the student pursuing a degree in a technical field.
  • Job Choices: Diversity Edition highlights career opportunities with employers in a variety of industries and fields, features career planning and job-search information, and addresses issues relevant to students of color.

Plus, you can use the Job Choices magazines to identify employers interested in new college graduates. Open your copy of Job Choices and narrow your job search by using the "Opportunities by Employer" index, and target a specific organization. Or, target a specific occupation with the help of the "Opportunities by Occupation" index. Looking for opportunities in a specific part of the country? Scan the "Opportunities by Location" index, where employers are listed by country, state, and city. Find out about the culture, history, and work of companies by surfing your way to employer web sites with the "Employer Web Site" index.

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PLEASE NOTE! Career Services offers this information for you as a starting point to review and to decide their value based upon your particular needs.  Inclusion on our webpage does not constitute an endorsement of this publication for any particular individual. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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