Job Fair: Information for Students

It is never too early for a student to begin career exploration and a great way to start is to attend our annual Spring Job Fair

Already have a career plan?  Attending a Job Fair is still an excellent tool to continue your career exploration, network for potential internships or simply find a job.

Students, consider these reasons for attending IVCC’s annual Spring Job FairJob Fair Students, cropped

Actively exploring careers: Speaking with professionals in the careers or fields that interest you, also known as informational interviewing. Even if you are not looking for a job, gain the experience of speaking with professionals in an interview environment.

Internships: For college students, this is a common reason to attend a job fair. Attending a job fair is a way to meet contacts for potential internship opportunities that may not be available when the fair is being held.

Networking: An effective avenue to cultivate a diverse group of contacts for future employment opportunities. Networking is also an excellent tool to learn about internship opportunities.

Making the Most of the Event

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make an "all out" effort to meet with every employer that has the potential to hire you - now or after graduation. In order to make that happen you will need to be prepared. Preparation is the key to making a successful presentation at any job or career fair:

  • Prior to the Event (PREPARE!)
  • Day of the Event (PERFORM!)
  • After the Event (PERSIST!)

Still not quite sure what attending a Job Fair entails? Click on our: Frequently Asked Questions for Job Seekers (FAQ for Job Seekers) or check to see which employers will be participating at our annual spring Job Fair.

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