Fall 2021 COVID Response - Academic Affairs

Vaccination Status

  • Because we respect an individual's right to privacy, IVCC discourages employees from asking individuals about vaccination statuses.

Face Masks and Exemptions

  • All students and employees are required to wear masks in the classroom and in all common areas unless an exemption has been granted by the Vice President for student services (students), the Vice President for Academic Affairs (faculty) or other appropriate administrator.
  • IVCC encourages that individuals employ double-masking, particularly in areas where social distancing cannot be maintained.

Social Distancing in Classrooms

  • Students should social distance at 3 feet whenever possible. When it is not possible to maintain social distancing, students should separate themselves to the greatest extent possible. 
  • In the event of a positive result of a class member, the health department will complete the contact tracing. It is recommended that faculty maintain a seating chart in order to identify the student(s) that need to be contacted.

Flexible Attendance Options

  • While faculty may not alter the delivery mode of their class, they may implement flexible attendance options to accommodate students who require flexibility during this time. Faculty are responsible for ensuring that course content is available to students who take advantage of these flexible attendance options and for holding classes at the times and locations scheduled.
  • Faculty should inform their dean about the offering of flexible attendance options so that the dean is able to answer any questions that students may have.

Testing Opportunities and Requirements

  • Shield Illinois will be on-site performing COVID testing (rapid PCR) twice a week during the fall semester.  Testing is voluntary.  Hours are 10-1 on Monday’s and 2-5 on Thursday afternoons.  Testing will be conducted in the reception area outside CTC-124 and 125.
  • At this time, student athletes will be required to test regularly.  We are assessing what other groups or situations would also require regular testing.  Additional information is forthcoming.

Vaccination Clinics

  • IVCC will continue to hold vaccination clinics on-site during the fall semester.  The first clinic is scheduled for Tuesday, August 24th. Additional information related to the clinics will also be forthcoming