Skype a Counselor

IVCC offers students the ability to discuss with a Counselor any questions they may have concerning any of the programs offered at IVCC through Skype.  This will allow students to see the Counselor and better answer any of the questions a student may have concerning any of the programs at IVCC.

Download Skype for free.

Day of Week Counselor Name
Skype Account Name
Monday  Renee Prine askreneeativcc
Tuesday Missy Killian askmisstativcc
Wednesday Jack Immel askjackativcc
Thursday Jane Sack askjaneativcc
Friday Jim Moskalewicz askjimativcc
Ottawa Center Counselor Valery Calvetti


Counselors that are available
at various times are:

Various Times
Debbie Burch askdebbieativcc
Various Times Gary Sonnenberg
Various Times Wendi Harmon askwendiativcc
Various Times Kate Young askkateativcc
Skype Schedule

If, for some reason, any of these Counselors are not available or are currently helping other students, Linda Hawkins (asklindaativcc) can assist you to a different available Counselor.  The above Counselor days vary during summer months.