Corona Virus Update

March 14, 2020


General Announcement
Illinois Valley Community College will extend its spring break for students one week with classes to resume Monday, March 23, President Jerry Corcoran announced today.

”In light of Gov. Pritzker‘s announcement late Friday afternoon that all K-12 schools in Illinois will close March 17, IVCC believes it is in everyone’s best interest to extend the break one week to allow faculty, staff and administration time to move as much course content as possible to Blackboard or alternative delivery methods,” Corcoran said.
“Some formats such as labs and clinicals may need to be handled on a case-by-case basis. This will also allow facilities staff more time for deep-cleaning,” Corcoran said.
“Thank you for your understanding and support during these difficult times.”

March 12

General Announcement
Illinois Valley Community College is taking precautions to guard against coronavirus transmission and most instructors are prepared to offer instruction online if necessary, President Jerry Corcoran informed board members Thursday.

“So much of what we hear and read regarding the coronavirus is alarming and new ground for many of us, not just at IVCC, but across the Illinois Community College system,” he said.

“We will continue monitoring the situation closely and will do everything we can to lessen the likelihood of it affecting programs and services, or having the virus spread throughout the district.”

 “Our facilities staff is on top of the situation and quietly engaged in deep-cleaning,” Corcoran said. “And Academic Affairs has a strategy in place to supplement the college’s emergency response plan.”

The plan provides a framework or “shell” faculty can use to move courses online. 

“Fortunately, the majority of faculty use Blackboard as a platform to deliver instruction – there is a Blackboard shell for all courses,” he said. “We are reaching out to faculty to update those shells and providing basic training to those new to Blackboard.”

Corcoran met in Normal this morning with community college presidents from across the state and upon his return to campus called a meeting of his president’s council.

“We are confident all bases are covered and are prepared to begin the second-eight weeks of the spring semester next week.”