Sports and Recreation Clubs and Organizations

Chess Club
The IVCC Chess Club will offer members a chance to learn and play chess.  Members will be challenged to learn the art of chess and to improve critical thinking skills.

Faculty Advisor:
Dan Retoff,  Ph:  815-224-2720 x6278 or 815-224-0328    dretoff@ivcc.edu 

Disc Golf Club
The Disc Golf Club will promote Disc Golf in the Illinois Valley, and introduce the sport to the College community. The disc golf course is located near the track and baseball field and it is always free for everyone to play anytime. For the more competitive player, we host a regular weekly league. Discs can be purchased in the bookstore.

Faculty Advisor:
Wes Black,  815-224-0459    Wes_Black@ivcc.edu

Eagle Pong 
The purpose of this club is to provide proper technique, build ping pong skills, and to unify IVCC students who want to learn or love ping pong.

Faculty Advisor:
Dominic Sarsah,  Ph:  815-224-0470   

Round Table Gaming Society 
The Round Table Gaming Society provides an environment wherein its members may experience any and all forms of multi-person competitive and non-competitive games, including but not limited to role-playing games, board games, card games, dice games, and simulations.  The Round Table Gaming Society will help find fans of particular games and organize with each other.

Faculty Advisor(s):
Jason Beyer,  Ph:  815-224-0583    Jason_Beyer@ivcc.edu 

Running Club
This club is a good start to getting students active and give them the opportunity to participate in competition.  The hope is that students with all ability levels will want to participate to have fun and to be involved on campus and in the community.

Faculty Advisor:
Rick Mangold,  Ph:  815-224-0367    Rick_Mangold@ivcc.edu 

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