Academic Clubs and Organizations

Ag Club
The IVCC Ag Club extends the knowledge of agriculture though activities, Leadership, and involvement.

Faculty Advisor:
Willard Mott,  Ph:  815-224-0413    Willard_Mott@ivcc.edu 

American Chemical Society (CHEM Club )
The American Chemical Society promotes exchange between students studying chemistry and the chemical sciences at IVCC.  Another goal of this chapter is to provide outreach to the community through volunteer projects in schools and to participate in National Chemistry Week activities each year.  Membership is open to any student studying chemistry, chemical engineering, or another chemical science at IVCC.

Faculty Advisor:
Matt Johll,  Ph:  815-224-0468    Matt_Johll@ivcc.edu 

Automotive Club
The IVCC Automotive Club is focused on giving students a real world, hands-on learning experience in the automotive field.  Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience by working together on community projects outside of the classroom.

Faculty Advisor:
Shane Lange,  Ph:  815-224-0219    Shane_Lange@ivcc.edu 

Bio Club
The IVCC Bio Club is a student-led organization aimed to unify individuals with a shared interest in the biological sciences.  Our purpose is to promote a greater understanding of science and to inspire the minds of other students.

Faculty Advisor(s):
Lauri Carey,  Ph:  815-224-0217    Lauri_Carey@ivcc.edu 
Keith King,  Ph:  815-224-0201    Keith_King@ivcc.edu

Criminal Justice Association
The Illinois Valley Community College Criminal Justice Association shall provide all interested students the opportunity to explore the criminal justice profession through activities that build an in-depth understanding of the criminal justice system through establishing comradery, ethical standards beyond reproach, and that all voices are equal. Diversity of all persons and perspectives shall be supported through unquestionable respect and humanitarian efforts that promote the mission of the CJA within the IVCC community as well as our communities served.

Faculty Advisor:
Kevin Hermes,  Ph:  815-224-0491    Kevin_Hermes@ivcc.edu 

Economics Student Association
The goals of the ESA are to:  1) Promote interest in the field of Economics and provide information relating to career development  2) Promote an understanding and appreciation by the IVCC academic community of the nature of economic issues  3) Provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the academic community. 

Faculty Advisor:
David Barnes,  Ph:  815-
224-0519    David_Barnes@ivcc.edu

Human Services Organization  
The Human Services Organization serves the Illinois Valley area from within IVCC as a hands-on resource, working to develop partnerships with related human services and social welfare organizations in our communities.  Developing careers, public awareness, education and volunteerism, this organization shall be open to anyone on campus showing interest towards the Human Service field or related fields i.e., Nursing, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education etc.  Monthly activities, events and meetings are held on and off campus.

Faculty Advisor:
Jean Batson-Turner,  Ph:  815-224-0268    Jean_BatsonTurner@ivcc.edu

Indefinite Limit (Math Club)
Indefinite Limit is a student-driven group that encourages members to take an active role in the club’s planning and execution each semester.  There are opportunities to share about mathematics, plan events, and support fellow students of the college and community through engaging activities and fundraisers.  Membership is open to any student studying math at any level.

Faculty Advisor:
Dawn Wiggins,  Ph:  815-224-0339    Dawn_Wiggins@ivcc.edu 

Physics Club
Physics Club explores the problems of physics in a social environment, to introduce students to the various applications of physics in the world, and to introduce lower year students to upper year students for tutoring.

Faculty Advisor:
Dominic Sarsah,  Ph:  815-224-0470    Dominic_Sarsah@ivcc.edu 

Psych Club
Open to all students, Psych Club fosters personal growth, community service, and career development.  The group encourages intellectual and social exchange among students, faculty, and other social science professionals. 
IVCC’s Psych Club has sponsored educational programs, social events, and volunteer opportunities.

Betsy Klopcic,  Ph:  815-224-0208    Betsy_Klopcic@ivcc.edu

SODA (Student Organization of Dental Assistants)
SODA is a club open to all students enrolled in IVCC’s Dental Assisting Program.  Past activities included: Fund raisers; Oral Health instruction for WIC mothers; Oral Health instruction for head-start and elementary school children; an Oral Cancer prevention booth on campus; attendance at the Chicago Midwinter Dental Convention; and sponsorship of continuing education seminars for area dental assistants.

Faculty Advisor:
Heather Seghi,  Ph:  815-224-0359    Heather_Seghi@ivcc.edu  

Student Nurses Association
The Student Nurses Association was organized to promote professionalism in the field of nursing and is open to all students accepted and enrolled in the Nursing classes.  SNA values lifelong volunteering, not only in our community but also within our chosen profession of nursing.  This organization promotes this ideal and hopefully helps the students to understand the importance of giving something back to our community and profession.

Faculty Advisor(s):
Laura Hodgson,  Ph:  815-224-0525    Laura_Hodgson@ivcc.edu 
Anna Bruch,  Ph:  815-224-0320    Anna_Bruch@ivcc.edu

TEACH Unified 
TEACH Unified is an IVCC student led group for future educators and other IVCC students who are interested in working with children.  The purpose of the club is to spark an awareness of child related behaviors, interests, and issues within the college, the community, the state, and through the nation.  Club members will be involved in hands on and outreach projects that are inclusive to all children and learners as they seek the change desired in education.

Faculty Advisor(s):
Jill Urban-Bollis,  Ph:  815-224-0429,    Jill_UrbanBollis@ivcc.edu 
Tina Hardy,  Ph:  815-224-0284,    Tina_Hardy@ivcc.edu 

Women in Tech
Women in Tech is a student group dedicated to helping women in non-traditional, technical fields bond and succeed in their chosen field of study..

Faculty Advisor(s):
Dorene Data,  Ph:  815-
224-0221    Dorene_Data@ivcc.edu
Gina Elias,  Ph:  815-224-0329    Gina_Elias@ivcc.edu 

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