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I was pleasantly surprised with this drawing tablet and pen.  It is a basic tablet that is easy to use and for annotation and basic white board functions works extremely well.  It is a traditional drawing tablet, so you will be drawing on surface area similar to a large touchpad that doesn’t display the screen.  It takes a bit of practice to get the feel of the hand eye coordination drawing on the tablet and watching on the screen.  The pen tool is easy to control and has the tablet allows the hand to rest on the tablet without effecting the pen functions.  This tablet shows no notable differences from the name brand tablets in the basic drawing tools found in zoom, blackboard or Microsoft ink.  If you are a power user for the Adobe products like Illustrator or Photoshop or use the tablet for digital art, it is not the tablet for you, but if you are using a zoom whiteboard or annotation tool, drawing over a PowerPoint, or marking up a document in Blackboard or word, it is a great tool.

Wacom Intous Pro

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This is the top of the line classic drawing tablet.  It is very cool and has many advanced features that digital artist and adobe power users use to create digital art, animation and graphic design.  The bottom line though it is it is probably more tablet than you need to annotate or draw in zoom, blackboard, and Microsoft ink. 

****Please try the tablets out though before committing to one.  It is important to get the right fit.  Call CETLA at 530 or 515 to set up a time to test one out.

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