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Blackboard Course Creation

Blackboard courses are automatically created starting approximately one month prior to registration.  Course sites are created based on the class schedule in Colleague.  Course sites will be added and removed as the schedule changes.  The instructor and students enrolled in the course will also be updated with the connection between Colleague and Blackboard.  Updates run daily around 5:30 AM and 5:30 PM.

  • Spring Semester – Course sites will be created near the beginning of October
  • Summer Semester – Courses will be created near the end of February
  • Fall Semester – Courses will be created near the beginning of March

Blackboard Student Enrollments

Blackboard and WebAdvisor Enrollment Guide

Students Earning Incompletes: For assistance with managing Blackboard student enrollments for a student earning an Incomplete grade for a semester, contact someone in CETLA, 815-224-0530.

Blackboard Tutorials


Creating an Interactive Assignment (video tutorial, 3 minutes)
Creating Tests with Random Blocks of Test Questions, (video tutorial, 4 minutes)
Exporting and Importing Tests, (video tutorial, 4 minutes)
Goal Alignment
Tests, Survey and Pools (Blackboard Tutorials)
Respondus Lock Down Browser Settings for Testing (pdf document)
Respondus Support Site
Using Respondus Monitor in Pearson MyLabs
Retention Center

Best Practices for End of Semester

Grade Center Download and Archive Process

Best Practices for Start of Semester

Checklist for Starting the Semester
Managing Course Navigation Links in Copied Courses


ALLY Accessibility Checking
Course Files
Create Content
Embedding a YouTube Video in Blackboard
Release Content
Uploading from the Cloud

Managing multiple sections with Blackboard parent courses

Parent course management
IVCC Guidance on Complying with FERPA in Distance Learning
Faculty may send recorded lectures to students in multiple sections as long as section enrollment information is not included.


Grade Center

If you can't find what you are looking for here, please just ask.   We will  happily create tutorials as needed!