Welcome Letter

Add a welcoming greeting.

Link to course site

Link to course syllabus/outline

Organization of course

Describe how the course is structured, including number of units.  Example:

  • There are 8 units, each 2 weeks in length.

  • For each unit there are

  • weekly discussion assignments

  • Online quizzes

  • Assigned readings from the textbook

This is not a self-paced course.  You will not be expected to log in at any particular time of the day, but you will need to log in 3-4 days per week to meet the various deadlines throughout the week.

Or describe what a typical week will be like.


Begin each week by checking the calendar to see what is due.  Then proceed to the assignment page for that specific week.  You can click on the link on the calendar.  The assignment page for each chapter will explain the assignment..  This might  include some paper and pencil  problems to hold until the exam, an assignment to e-mail, a question or two to post to the Discussion Board, a Quiz and occasionally a longer problem.  The solutions to the textbook problems will be posted on the Web.

Instructor Contact

Who are you and how can you be contacted?  When will the student first hear from you?  What is their responsibility in contacting you?  Are there times they will not hear from you?  How quickly should they expect a response to an email?  Should they expect a response between

Required Campus Visits

Explain whether students are expected to come to campus.  If using paper-and-pencil tests, indicate the number and test deadlines.


Summarize the types of assignments students will be expected to complete and link to the course outline for greater detail.

Getting to class

Describe how to access course  and provide link to course web site.

  1. On a computer connected to the Internet, go to http://www.ivcc.blackboard.com
  2. Login following the instructions on the screen. Information about Usernames & Passwords is available on the MyIVCC page.

Technical Support

The Learning Commons provides individualized academic assistance to all students utilizing computer technology. The Help Desk Support Staff provides assistance to students in person, on the phone, and via e-mail.

Phone: 815-224-0318

Location: D201

Email: crc@ivcc.edu

Web Page: Learning Commons

Additional help guides are available on the MyIVCC page at http://www.ivcc.edu/myivcc.

If you need assistance with communication tools or software issues, contact our staff.

If you are having trouble with your computer, you will need to contact the manufacturer or the store where you bought it.

If you are having trouble with your Internet connection, you should contact your Internet Services Provider (ISP).