How do I get Account Access?

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Web Page

  1. The employee initiates contact with an educational technologist or other Learning Technologies staff to complete the Web Author Readiness Checklist. For official college pages, the request must come from the responsible administrator.
  2. The Webmaster will create the account and provide a username and password to the employee.
  3. The Webmaster will notify the Dean or supervisor that access has been granted.
  4. Page templates will be provided.  Faculty may choose from a variety of pre-designed templates.  Upon request, the templates can be modified by the Webmaster.  Departmental Intranet pages can also select from the template offerings.
  5. After initial training of approximately 3 hours, the employee will engage in activities to demonstrate understanding of basic concepts.
  6. Upon demonstration of understanding, the employee, technologist and supervisor will sign the Checklist document, which will be forwarded to the Webmaster.
  7. The trainer will approve content for publishing for 6 months. 


Employees wishing to have a Blackboard account for classes must complete the following process before they may request Blackboard shells. There are two levels of Blackboard access available to faculty and staff at IVCC.  Full instructor access which has access to all Blackboard tools and grader access which is limited to maintaining the grade center and enrolling students.

Typically employees will attend a 90 minute, introductory workshop, after which the remainder of the activities can be completed independently.  The remaining activities can be completed in 10 or more hours, depending on the skill-level of the individual.  Faculty and staff who only intend to use the Blackboard grade center and do not wish to have full instructor access may attend a 60 minute training session and demonstrate a set of basic gradebook and user management skills to obtain Blackboard Grader access. 

Faculty are encouraged to treat their test account as an actual course in development.  Contents of the test account can later be copied into a live course shell.

  1. The employee will work with an educational technologist to complete the Blackboard Checklist of the Blackboard Grader Checklist.
  2. Preliminary course development exercises will be completed in a test account. 
  3. Employee will engage in activities to demonstrate understanding of common Blackboard processes and tools. 
  4. Upon completion of activities, the instructor and technologist will sign the Checklist document, which will be forwarded to the Blackboard Administrator. 
  5. The Blackboard Administrator will create the course shell and notify the instructor.

Course shells for subsequent semesters may be requested directly through the campus help desk.


Information on obtaining Email Accounts is available on the ITS Intranet site.


Information on obtaining IVCC Network Account is available on the ITS Intranet site.

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