Web Author Readiness Checklist for CMS

A. Planning

A1. ___Describe purpose and organization of the site to be developed or maintained.

A2. ___ Understand basic web terminology, such as browser, ISP, bandwidth, web server and can provide examples of each.


A3. ___ Identify relevant file formats used on the Internet (i.e. .jpg, .pdf, .htm).


A4. ___ Identify elements of the template, select and recommend when changes to the template are necessary.


A5. ___ Describe impact of browser and browser settings on page format.


A6. ___ Explain fundamentals of copyright guidelines as they apply to web page development.

B. CMS System Basics


B1. ___Log into/Log out of the CMS.


B2. ___ Access Workarea and navigate Content and Folders.

CMS Workarea and Content Navigation

B3. ___ Identify content ID number.


B4. ___ Add new folders.

B5. ___ Add new content.


B6. ___ Understand the purpose of the title, metadata, and summary of content.

B7. ___ Select appropriate template.


B8. ___ Differentiate between save, check-in and publish options.

B9. ___Edit existing content.


B10. ___Copy and paste content from other applications, such as Word.

B11. ___ Format text (style, bulleted/numbered lists)

B12. ___ Create hyperlinks to content outside of the system and verify properties.


B13. ___Create quicklinks to content within the system.


B14. ___Access the library.


B15. ___ Follow process to delete/move content or folders.


C. Tables

C1. ___ Use tables appropriately to present data or to format page display.

C2. ___ Create a table.

C3. ___ Establish table and cell properties.


C4. ___ Understand accessibility checks for tables.

D.  Graphics


D1. ___ Provide evidence of permission to use selected graphic.


D2. ___ Submit graphics for inclusion in library.


D3. ___ Search for graphics in library.


D4. ___ Insert graphic in content.


D5. ___ Establish and modify picture properties.


D6. ___ Understand accessibility checks for pictures.


E. Collections

E1.___ Identify what should/can be in a collection.

E2.___ Create a collection.


E3.___ Add/Delete Collection items.


E3.___ Organize a collection.



I have read, understand and agree to abide by the IVCC Web Site Guidelines and Procedures.  I also understand that the Guidelines may be changed at any time, and it is my responsibility to keep myself abreast of changes through periodic review.