Blackboard Resources

Blackboard Login Page

Blackboard Training Checklist (pdf document)

Blackboard Assignments  (pdf document)

Getting Started with Blackboard Instructor View (pdf document)

Course Options

How to Set Enrollment Options (pdf document)

Editing the Course Menu (Video tutorial)

Creating a Tool Link (Video tutorial)

Importing Course Packages (Video tutorial)

Blackboard End of Semester Best Practice (html content)

Blackboard Start of Semester Best Practices (html content)

Making Your BB Course Available (video tutorial, 2 minutes)

User Management

Enrolling Students (pdf document)

Creating Groups  (pdf document)

Creating Groups (Video tutorial)

 Course Tools

Post an Announcement (Video tutorial)

Adding Contact Information  (pdf document)

Adding Contact Information (Video tutorial)

Creating Discussion Forums (pdf document)

Making Tools Available (video tutorial, 2 minutes)

Content Areas

Creating a Content Area (Video tutorial)

Creating an Interactive Assignment (pdf document)

Creating an Interactive Assignment (video tutorial)

Blackboard Blogs and Journals (pdf document)

Adding Content

Adding your Contact information in the Contacts Content Area

Attaching Course Files to Content Items (video tutorial, 2 minutes)

Creating a Content Area (video tutorial)

Creating a Course Link (video tutorial)

Creating a Tool Link (video tutorial, 3 minutes)

Editing the Course Menu (video tutorial, 4 minutes)

Blackboard Wikis (pdf document)


Getting Started with Interactive Assignments (pdf document)

Creating an Interactive Assignment (video tutorial, 3 minutes)

Creating Tests in Blackboard(pdf document)

Download Gradebook in Blackboard 9(pdf document)

Download gradebook in Blackboard 9 (video tutorial, 2 minutes)

Goal Alignment


If you don't see what you are looking for in the list above try looking a the lists on one of the sites below:

Learning Center for Building Course Content

Learning Center for Communicating and Collaborating

Learning Center for Grade Center, Assignments, Test, Surveys and Pools