Faculty Web Page Guidelines

The following guidelines were developed for the web pages of faculty members who teach blended or online courses, but are reccomended for all faculty webpages.


  • Instructor Name
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Mailing Address
  • Office Hours
  • Course Outlines
  • Course Schedules/ Calendars
  • Student Expectations
  • Welcome Message / Page

Recommended Best Practices

All of the expected content items with the addition of supplemetal learning resoucres which might include:

  • Lecture notes
  • Summaries of readings
  • Vocabulary / Glossary terms
  • Sample Test Questions
  • Internet Assignmnets
  • Self Assessments
  • Grading Rubrics
  • Suggested/ Recommended Readings
  • Audio or Video Materials
  • Presentation Slides
  • Links to Student Services and Resources
  • Interactive Study Guides

Good Examples

The  web pages listed below all provide course calendars, policies, and a multitude of instructional materials that students can easily find and access.  All of  the course informatioin is current, and in a format that students can easily open.

Computer Science Instructor, (University of Scranton) -  These page have been personalized with a custom background and graphics.  They are easy to read and contain a great deal of useful information. 

Biology Instructor, (University of Ca at Sacramento) -Contains a great deal of useful information in a easy to read and navigate format

Chemistry Instructor, (Reed College) - Contains a great deal of useful information in a easy to read and navigate format

College Strategies Instructor, (Cascadia Community College),  Helpful information in an easy to read and navigate format.

What Not To Do:

The web pages listed below, all exhibit at least one of the following fundamental mistakes.

Minimal or outadated information.

Graphics that take a very long time to load or make the page difficult to read.

Contain copyrighted images that they probably do not have permission to use

Poor color contrast between font and background that makes the page difficult to read

The web author provides a great deal of information about their academic and personal acheivements but does not provide any information students might find helpful

Antropology Instructor, (State University of NY at Plattsburg),  Customizing your page with an image or two is nice, using the same boring image more then ten times is offensive.  The music that accompanies the page tell us a great deal about her personality.

 Dr Gonzales, Fort Lewis College  - Proof that color choices can make a big difference and flickering graphics can not compensate for lack of information and poor design.

Professor Austin's Unfinished Page, (Fort Lewis College) - She would have been better off not having a page. This web author provided a few images, her name and nothing else.  There is no point to having a blog if you have nothing to say.

Ana Hale, When Faculty go MIA, (Fort Lewis College) - Ana is a person of few words, but she would like to profit from her faculty web page.  If she taught for IVCC she would be in clear violation of our Website Guidelines and Procedures and loose her IVCC  web site access.

Multimedia Instructor, (State U of Ca at Sacramento) -  This web page takes a very long time to load and provides virtually no useful information.

Programing Instructor, (Cascadia Community College) - This web page was probably started with the best of intents, but somewhere along the way the author lost interest.  All of the links are to pages that can not be found.

Free Sources For  Web Tutorials and Resources:

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