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Small Business Development

The Illinois Small Business Development Center at the Starved Rock Country Alliance offers no cost, confidential, one-on-one business advising. Our training programs are focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners build successful, long-term businesses in the Illinois Valley Region. For more information on these workshops and other small business focused learning opportunities visit alliance.sbdc.org or contact Amy Lambert at (844)-369-8898.

Your Business Ideas
Have an idea for a new business? Want to explore your idea and see if it is going to work? Join us to as we use this process to build your business model and assess your idea's potential, while also being introduced to The Business Model Canvas.
Mon 6-9 p.m. Feb 11
1 Session Amy Lambert
Rm 105, CEX-9540-632 $30
Ottawa Center

How to Start a Business
This informative workshop helps entrepreneurs understand many of the steps and requirements of starting a business in Illinois. You'll be taken step-by-step through a variety of topics related to business structure, entrepreneurship and considerations every beginning business owner should take note of.
Mon 6-9 p.m. Feb 25
1 Session Amy Lambert
Rm 101, CEX-9508-632 $30
Ottawa Center

Organizing Your Business
Need to get your business organized? This class is for you. Join us to learn organizational philosophies, along with tips, tricks and tools that you as a small business owner, manager and professional can use to streamline your processes and get ahead of your information.
Mon 6-9 p.m. Mar 18
1 Session Amy Lambert
Rm 101, CEX-9547-633 $30
Ottawa Center

Creating an Effective Business Plan
This informative workshop covers all aspects of creating a business plan and emphasizes the importance of documenting the measurable strategies and tactics your business will use as it grows. Topics include defining your business, outlining business plan components, researching your competition, developing operating and marketing plans and the important benchmarks within your financial statements.
Mon 6-9 p.m. Apr 1
1 Session Amy Lambert
Rm 101, CEX-9501-634 $30
Ottawa Center

Marketing Your Business
Marketing, public relations and sales are vital components to any successful business. ThisĀ  workshop will teach you the components of each discipline and how to combine them to build significant business growth.
Mon 6-9 p.m. Apr 22
1 Session Amy Lambert
Rm 101, CEX-9521-634 $30
Ottawa Center

Fund Your Business
Will your business require capital outside of what you have available? This workshop discusses four funding roadmaps that your business could use to gather the capital needed to launch your business idea. Adding their perspectives will be area lenders, investors and capital fund managers.
Mon 6-9 p.m. May 6
1 Session Amy Lambert
Rm 105, CEX-9532-635 $30
Ottawa Center

For more information on these workshops and other business-focused learning opportunities, visit alliancesbdc.org or contact Amy Lambert at (844) 369-8898.

To register online, simply click on the link at the top of the page or call the Registration Office at (815) 224-0447.