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Sustainability Saturday

Attend a morning & afternoon session listed below on April 8 & receive a discounted price of $59 for the day. 

To receive the discounted rate, students will need to register by phone with the IVCC Admissions Office at 815-224-0447. *The discount cannot be applied through online registration. 

Please call the Continuing Education Center at 815-224-0427 with any questions or to check availability of the classes below prior to registering.

Save the Date! April 8
Illinois Valley Community College will host a series of classes on April 8 focusing on sustainability. Learn heirloom skills that your grandparents practiced and ways to reduce your environmental footprint. You can learn to live a healthier lifestyle. Together we can make a difference!

Give Me 5 Minutes a Day Easy Bake Bread
Everyone wants fresh, homemade bread…but who has the time? Cathy Lafrenz will teach you a quick and easy bread dough made with only four ingredients. No kneading, easy preparation and you can have fresh bread every day. Taste 6-8 items made out of the same dough and see how easy healthy living can be; includes pitas, bread, flatbread pizza and more! You will be making your own bread at home in no time at all! Please bring a $5 material fee payable to the instructor on the day of class.
Sat                      9 a.m.-12 p.m.      Apr 8               1 Session
Cathy Lafrenz    CTC-123, IVCC  HLR-3204-04  $34

Backyard Chickens
Need a new addiction? Want entertainment, pets and breakfast rolled into one package? Learn how to maintain your own small flock of chickens to provide eggs for your table. Learn about family friendly breeds and where to purchase them. Discuss equipment and chicken coop design. We will also discuss feeds, diseases and predators and what to do about them.
Sat                       1-4 p.m.                Apr 8               1 Session
Cathy Lafrenz     CTC-124, IVCC   HLR-5533-04  $34

Vegetable Gardening for Cowards
This is the class for people who are absolutely convinced that they cannot grow anything. Deborah is not a master gardener, but her family grows the majority of their fruits and vegetables, and so can you. She has made just about every gardening mistake imaginable. She shares her humorous insight and knowledge to put you on the
path to growing vegetables that you can actually eat and enjoy. Learn about GMO and non-GMO seeds, how to start seeds in the spring, the difference between annual and perennial vegetables, seed saving, cross pollination, winter gardening with row covers and more.
Sat                    9 a.m.-12 p.m.          Apr 8               1 Session
Deborah           CTC-124, IVCC       HLR-5211-04  $34

Ecothrifty Living
Discover all the artificial chemicals hiding in your home, food and personal care products. Learn to replace them with natural alternatives that cost far less! In addition to learning about all of the simple alternatives, such as using baking soda as a facial scrub, we will also be making a sugar scrub and laundry detergent in class,
which you can take home to use. There is a $5 material fee payable to your instructor the day of class. Deborah Niemann-Boehle is the author of “Ecothrifty: Cheaper, Greener Choices for a Happier, Healthier Life”, which will be available for purchase at class for $12.
Sat                      1-4 p.m.                 Apr 8                1 Session
Deborah             CTC-123, IVCC    HLR-5542-04   $34

Small Wind Generators  [energy independence through wind power]
Have you ever wondered if you could save money on electricity by installing a small wind generator at your home? Learn what wind energy is, how it works and what it can do for you. In addition, Dr. Vogl will discuss components of wind generators, tower height, how to choose a site for the tower, as well as current legislation and
zoning of wind towers. Bring one of your electric bills, a notepad and a calculator to determine the savings on a typical month’s performance of a wind tower versus your current source of electricity.
Sat                     9:30-11:30 a.m.      Apr 8                1 Session
Robert Vogl       CTC-216, IVCC    HLR-5521-04   $34

Basics of Solar Electricity [energy independence through solar power]
Due to the growing demand for clean sources of energy, the use of solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity has expanded dramatically in recent years. Learn the basics of photovoltaics, also known as solar energy. Dr. Vogl will explain what it is, how it works and the advantages of a solar system. The cost of installation of
a PV system as well as sources of financial assistance will also be discussed. If you are thinking about using the sun’s energy as a source of electricity in your home, this class is a great place to get started.
Sat                     12-2 p.m.               Apr 8                 1 Session
Robert Vogl       CTC-216, IVCC    HLR-5522-04   $34

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! Lunch & Learn
In this session you will learn how to find out what to determine what is recyclable and what can be recycled in our area. You will also learn tips and ideas to increase the volume of your recycle bin and reduce your garbage bin! According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American generates about 4.6 lbs of solid waste per day. Less than 25% of that is recycled, even though more than 75% of it is actually recyclable, compostable or reusable. Learn how to incorporate the 3 R’s into your daily routine. You will be amazed at the difference you can make! Please bring a sack lunch that does not require refrigeration. This session free. Registration is required for planning purposes.
Sat                     12 p.m-1 p.m.         Apr 8                1 Session
Jill Lafrenz        CTC-125, IVCC     HLR-5544-04  FREE

Compost Workshop
Compost is a crumbly, nutrient-rich soil amendment that is great for your plants, lawn and garden. Find out how easy it is to make compost in your backyard from food scraps and yard waste. Learn what can and cannot go into compost and how to curate a productive pile. We will also discuss the best compost system for your
home including bin, pile, etc. Jill Lafrenz completed the Master Composter/Recycler Program sponsored by the City of Denver.
Sat                     1:30-3:30 p.m.       Apr 8               1 Session
Jill Lafrenz        CTC-125, IVCC   HLR-5214-04  $34