Summer 2014 Outdoor Ed'Venture

Summer 2014 Registration (PDF)

Make an iMovie on your iPad
(Ages: 10-13) YOU-2114-06
Calling all aspiring movie directors. Use your iPad with the iMovie app to take, edit and make movies and movie trailers. This camp will cover basic movie making techniques including creating footage, editing clips, assembling clips, adding transitions, and music. Campers will need to bring their own iPad with the iMovie app installed. Must have the iPad2 or newer version, includes the iPad Mini.
(1 week - 2 sessions)
Tue & Thu June 10 & 12 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Room: CTC-214 Angie Hartman $39

Acting Up!
(Ages: 7-10) YOU-1304-06
IVCC’s newly remodeled Cultural Center located in the Community Technology Center will be the backdrop for this acting class! Get your chance in  the spotlight as you join IVCC’s theatre professor, Norm Engstrom, on a journey to discover the actor inside you. Imagination and expressive skills will be enhanced through theatre games and exercises. Theatre is a great way for children to develop self-confidence and speaking skills. We’ll practice proper speaking skills, including timing and delivery of lines, voice projection, facial expressions and body language. Before the final curtain falls, you’ll perform a short skit with confidence and poise. Family and friends are invited on the last day for an informal performance. During his 41 years in theatre, Norm Engstrom has been involved in over 450 productions including plays, musicals, operas, movies and commercials. He has
been an actor, singer, dancer, director, choreographer, producer, designer and technician. (1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu June 16-19 9:30-11:30 a.m.
Room: Cultural Center Norm Engstrom $49

Language, Crafts & Culture of Latin America
(Ages: 5-7) YOU-3201-06
Take an adventure into the Spanish culture and language. Gain basic conversational Spanish skills as you learn alphabet, numbers, colors, greetings, and gain a great foundation for learning Spanish as a second language. Learn about the Hispanic culture and make projects to take home. Games and songs from Latin America and Spain will be introduced.
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu June 16-19 1-3 p.m.
Room: CTC-215 Helen Boyd $49

Little Ninjas Tae Kwon Do
(Ages: 5-7) YOU-5004-06
Tae Kwon Do builds self-confidence, strength, flexibility, memory and coordination. Children will be engaged in fun activities and learn basic blocks,
kicks, and punches as they work towards the goal of receiving their first belt. Our Little Ninjas have so much fun, they don’t even realize that they’re
learning very important skills like respect, listening, following directions and teamwork. Please wear comfortable athletic clothing. Kathryn Gonzalo-
Duque is a Second Dan Black Belt, Kukkikwon Certified. Master Javier Duque is a Fifth Dan Belt, Kukkikwon Certified, and has been teaching Martial Arts for the past fourteen years.
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu June 30-July 3 1:30-2:30 p.m.
Room: CTC-121 Kathyrn & Javier Duque $35

Sew Fun!
(Ages: 7-10) YOU-4209-06
If you like American Girl Dolls and you enjoy sewing then you will love this class! Students will learn basic sewing techniques and standard stitching by
hand in order to complete an outfit made to fit an 18” doll. You will also learn further techniques by taking turns on the instructor’s sewing machine. Patterns, fabric, and all other supplies will be provided.
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu June 30-July 3 9-11 a.m.
Room: C-326 Kathy Tomsha $69

Once Upon an Artist
(Ages: 5-6) YOU-1114-07
Students will learn artistic techniques used by some of the most renowned artists including Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet, and new to the class this
summer, Michelangelo and Frida Kahlo! Gain appreciation as we discuss and explore artwork that will inspire your own artistic creations!
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu July 14-17 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Room: B-216 Tanya Smith $69

Awesome Art Ed’venture
(Ages: 7-10) YOU-1113-07
Take your exploration of classic art to the next step! Learn artistic techniques used by some of the most renowned artists including Pablo Picasso and
Michelangelo. New to the class this summer, Frida Kahlo and George Seurat! Examine art appreciation as we discuss and explore each artist’s unique style that is sure to inspire your own great works of art!
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu July 14-17 1-4 p.m.
Room: B-216 Tanya Smith $69

Making Math Fun & Easy
(Grades: 3-5) YOU-2204-08
Finally, enjoy the return to school. This class will help students make the return to school easier by improving their math skills, memory skills and
overall brain power in a fun and empowering way. Use these new skills to improve your success this fall, maintain a good report card – and keep your
parents happy! Bring a notebook and a pencil to class. Content used for this camp is appropriate for students entering grades 3-5.
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu Aug 4-7 9-10 a.m.
Room: CTC-216 Nicole Wiltse $25

Making Math Fun & Easy
(Grades: 6-8) YOU-2204-18
Prepare to start school this fall by brushing up on your math skills. Learn strategies to improve your memory skills, brain power and comprehension to
apply in mathematical settings. Bring a notebook and pencil to class. Content used for this camp is appropriate for students entering grades 6-8.
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu Aug 4-7 10:15-11:15 a.m.
Room: CTC-216 Nicole Wiltse $25


Discovery Center Museum from Rockford is back for the 2014 Camp program! Discovery’s Outreach Educators will challenge your mind and bring learning to life with hands-on experiments all week long! Ranked as one of the top 10 Children’s Museums in the Nation, IVCC is bringing their award winning programs conveniently to the Illinois Valley.

Invisible Force
(Grades: 2-5) YOU-2317-06
STEM-lovers will get their hands and minds deep into science to discover what air can do! Design flying contraptions! Harness the wind and use it
to power whirly gigs, hovercraft, rockets and more!
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu June 23-26 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Room: B-216 DCM $109

Getting into Guts
(Grades: 3-6) YOU-2318-07
Biology nuts will go bananas in this series of science classes! Take apart a real eyeball, examine actual lungs, and study the “ins” and “outs”
of digestion. Then test what you’ve learned as you dissect a preserved shark on the last day.
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu July 28-31 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Room: B-216 DCM $109


The introduction of engineering education has the potential to improve student learning and achievement, increase awareness about what engineers do and of engineering as a potential career. Students will learn critical thinking skills as they work in teams. The four main academic areas that these classes cover are science, technology, engineering and math. The fifth area is FUN!

Gears & Gadgets 2
(Grades: 1-3) YOU-2115-08
Using gears, pulleys, motors and more, students will explore basic engineering principles using LEGO® kits. Students will also learn integrated problem solving, communication skills, and will work with simple machines and forces in motion. Learn about engineering concepts by designing and modifying models throughout the week. NOTE: Students will work in teams of two. Students will not bring home Lego projects.
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu Aug 4-7 9 a.m.-12 p.m.
Room: B-216 Tricia Haynes $134

Collision Cars
(Grades: 4-8) YOU-2113-08
Students will work together using LEGO® kits to build a variety of battling machines. This is a class of exploration, problem solving, and risk-taking with the goal of learning and experimenting with how machines work and compete. Learn about gearing and gear ratios, electric motors and energy. Dive into concepts including friction, forces, motion and aerodynamics. Students will battle their machines in camp and learn to improve their designs. NOTE: Students will work in teams of two. Students will not bring home Lego projects.
(1 week - 4 sessions)
Mon-Thu Aug 4-7 1-4 p.m.
Room: B-216 Tricia Haynes $134


Students will have the opportunity to experience a college chemistry lab at IVCC this summer in one of two unique offerings during Chem Camp! Your budding chemist may enjoy attending a Chem Camp with his/her peers. Through hands-on experiments, Chem Camp helps kids connect real-world situations with science. Larry Ault has taught for thirty years; seventeen years in public schools and has been a faculty member at Illinois Valley  Community College since 2001; guiding students studying chemistry and physical science. He has a Master’s of Science degree in Environmental Science.

How Would You Clean an Oil Spill?
(Grades: 3-5) YOU-2311-06
Address real world situations through the eyes of a chemist as you learn about the environmental effects of oil spills. Students will experience a hands-on inquiry activity during camp. Be prepared to be highly motivated to learn, think, and solve problems as you examine options.
(1 week - 1 session)
Wed June 18 1-4 p.m.
Room: E-101 Larry Ault $29

What is Color?
(Grades: 3-5) YOU-2311-07
Explore the “magic” of color by watching demonstrations and completing experiments in chemistry and physics including a “magic show” at the end of the day in which students will complete a chemical demonstration for his/her peers. At the end of camp, students will be able to answer the age old question, ‘Why is the sky blue?’
(1 week - 1 session)
Wed July 16 1-4 p.m.
Room: E-101 Larry Ault $29


Dinosaur Daze

with Betsy Carlson from the Burpee Museum of Natural History
(Ages: 6-9) YOU-2501-07
Mon-Thu July 7-10 10 a.m.-12 p.m.
Room: B-216 Betsy Carlson $135
Betsy Carlson is the Outreach Educator for Burpee Museum, Rockford. Burpee Museum is the home of “Jane”, a rare juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex. Betsy actively participates in the museum’s digs in Utah and Montana.

Day 1: Megalodon: Monster of the Cenozoic Seas
With 7 foot jaws containing 5 rows of 4 different kinds of teeth measuring over 7 inches long, this monster escapes description. Where can such a  tooth be found? Work with bite force to discover its success and competition. What other sharks prowled the Cenozoic seas? Explore Megolodon’s decline. This workshop is packed with activities determining the strength and success of this Monster Shark. Create your very own Megalodon tooth cast.

Day 2: Stop! Danger: Entering the Cenozoic Era
The gigantic dinosaurs no longer reign, but a terrifying world of mysterious mammal predators, tremendous snakes, carnivorous flightless birds, and terrestrial crocodiles pervades. Meet powerful mammal predators like Entelodonts, an apex “terminator pig” and creodonts who preyed on the  strange chalicotheres and herbaceous placental mammals. The often overlooked Cenozoic Era will come alive. You may just go away with a new favorite monster mammal. Make your own Cenozoic diorama.

Day 3: Discovering Dinosaurs
What was the color of the dinosaurs? This has been a question that has dominated the world of paleontology for centuries. Discover the latest research on dinosaur coloration and other new discoveries about dinosaurs. Have fun with the most recently discovered dinosaurs. You will make your own dinosaur with your new knowledge of dinosaur pigmentation.

Day 4: Digging Dinos
Time to hit the field! Learn the process of fossilization. Participate in experiments that demonstrate the uniqueness of bone and the process of permineralization. Learn how paleontologists know where to dig. Follow the steps that paleontologists use for a successful summer dig. Get an update on Burpee’s 2014 digs. Come prepared to get your hands in the dirt!


Outdoor Ed’Venture Camp

Camp Homestead
(Ages 7+) YOU-8001-01
Do you love to make things with your own two hands, learn how things work, and enjoy the satisfaction of gaining useful skills? This week you will learn about growing and preserving your own food using a variety of methods. Taste test the homemade creations we make in camp! Learn about animals you might find on a homestead and the importance of bees. Discover ways you can use these sustainable practices at your own home.
Instructor: Tricia Haynes

Upcycle Your Recycle: the 3 R’s of Art
(Ages 7+) YOU-8001-02
Reinvent the basics of Reduce/Reuse/Recycle by reviving everyday objects into new creations! Learn the significance of the 3 R’s and put them to practice in and around the classroom. Create individual and group masterpieces out of reusable materials. You will also receive at home activities
that you can share with family and friends.
Instructor: Tanya Smith

Where the Sidewalk Ends…Ed’Ventures in Creative Writing
(Ages 7+) YOU-8001-03
Are you a good story teller? Do you have an active imagination? Learn different writing techniques as we practice writing poetry and stories. Stretch
your imagination to tell the story of a picture, paint with spaghetti, and explore the influence of Shel Silverstein. Share your work in our Share Circle
and at the end of the week you’ll have your own creative work to enjoy with family and friends.
Instructor: Ashley Swanson

Reading the Rocks
(Ages 9+) YOU-8001-04
Imagine having a white sand beach, a tropical lagoon, swamps and even a glacier right in your own back yard. It’s true; all of these existed in the Illinois Valley at one time! Join Geologist Mike Phillips on a journey to the past as you discover that every rock has a story to tell. We’ll use IVCC’s collection of fossils, rocks and maps to explore the history of our planet. Make your own discoveries, as we trek around the campus and to Mathiessen Park to examine rock specimens and decipher the clues within.
Instructor: Mike Phillips

Imagination Animation
(Ages 9+) YOU-8001-05
Calling all budding filmmakers! Are you familiar with films and cartoons using stop motion animation? You’ll learn the ‘behind the scenes’ animation
process. Starting with a storyboard plan, students will build characters using a variety of materials and film their actions frame by frame with a
digital camera. You will learn the basic techniques and processes of media production. The finished product will amaze you when you learn how easy it
is to do. A group film will be produced and you will take home a copy of your first feature film.
Instructor: Vanessa Goslin

Wild & Crazy Portraits
(Ages 9+) YOU-8001-06
Fill the digital divide with fine art by bringing out the Van Gogh in you! We’ll digitally capture your face and project the image to canvas. Let your
imagination run wild as you paint your own self portrait. Students will learn how to stretch canvas, mix colors and paint with acrylics. A final group project will produce a painting for display at IVCC. Please bring a 5 lb. coffee can first day of class and wear clothes you can get paint on. This long time favorite fills fast, so register early.
Instructor: Hugo Heredia

Blast Off! Rocketry
(Ages 10+) YOU-8001-07
Become the next Luke Skywalker as you investigate the scientific principles of rocket building. Learn how to design relaunchable rockets from wrapping paper tubes. Discover how experimentation with various fin and nose cone designs will affect flight. Each student will build their own rockets and test flights will be made daily. The group will engineer project rockets to be launched at Thursday’s finale celebration.
Instructor: Dennis Sparr


July 21-24, 2014

Outdoor Ed’Venture is an all-day outdoor enrichment program designed for school children ages 7-14. The cost of camp includes all materials
and t-shirt.

Classes will meet:
Monday – Wednesday: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Thursday: 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.
A closing celebration will end the camp on Thursday starting at 1 p.m. in the IVCC Gymnasium. All family and friends are invited to attend.

How does it work?
Each child will choose one major class which will meet every morning from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. In the afternoons, Mon - Wed, they will choose 3 different classes to attend. Please choose an alternate major and minor, in case your first choices are full.

What to bring?
Bring lunch that does not require refrigeration. Wear comfortable clothing that can get wet or soiled and tennis shoes. NO sandals please. Wear a cap to keep the sun off and apply bug spray and sunscreen before you arrive.

Parents: Please drop off and pick up your children within 15 minutes of start and ending times each day. On Thursday the closing festivities will end at approximately 2 p.m.

Must register by July 1st to guarantee a camp T-shirt.


Mon, July 21 Minors

(choose one)

Wild & Crazy Music (Ages: 9+) YOU-8119-01
Move your feet to the beat – your beat! Become a music producer and experience how music is produced with digital computer software. Have a
blast cranking out your own custom music.
Instructor: Hugo Heredia

Art-o-Motion (Ages: 9+) YOU-8179-01
Sculptor George Rickey used scientific precision and physics to construct heavy steel sculptures that seemed to defy gravity and float on air. Experiment with kinetic energy powered by wind to create your own simple sculpture.
Instructor: Vanessa Goslin

Enchanted Garden (Ages: 7+) YOU-8181-01
Let whimsical thoughts take over as you design and construct your very own fairy, troll, or gnome house. It will be the perfect addition to a summer garden.
Instructor: Tanya Smith

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs (Ages: 7+) YOU-8183-01
Bugs are everywhere. Spend an afternoon searching for and identifying species while learning how they benefit the environment.
Instructor: Tricia Haynes

Good Eats & Healthy Treats II (Ages: 7+) YOU-8175-01
New recipes! Make snacks that not only taste good, but are healthy too! Substitute ingredients in recipes, talk about what to eat/what not to eat, and
learn that healthy foods can be tasty too!
Instructor: Ashley Swanson

Fossil Hunt (Ages: 9+) YOU-8106-01
Become a fossil hunter as we take a hike to search for interesting rocks and fossils at a rock outcropping near campus. You will learn to recognize
and identify a variety of fossils. A great opportunity to start your own fossil collection.
Instructor: Mike Phillips

Take A Trip (Ages: 9+) YOU-8185-01
Pack your bags and travel to the Far East! Learn about the cultures of India, China, and Japan by experiencing food, music, and yoga.
Instructor: Nicole Wiltse

Follow Your Dreams (Ages: 7+) YOU-8186-01
Dream catchers have been woven since the ancient times by the Ojibawa people. Learn the history and meaning of this ancient art as you explore the
techniques required to make your own dream catcher.
Instructor: Mary Haywood


Tue, July 22 Minors 

(choose one)

Wild & Crazy Music (Ages: 9+) YOU-8119-02
Instructor: Hugo Heredia

You Build It Birdhouses (Ages: 8+) YOU-8122-02
Learn the art of woodworking in a safe and fun environment with the gentlemen of the Woodcrafters Unlimited of Princeton. Using power tools
(and safety goggles of course) you will construct a birdhouse and a surprise project too.
Instructor: Woodcrafters Unlimited of Princeton

Chihuly Inspirations (Ages: 9+) YOU-8172-02
Art glass is exploding in popularity. Learn about Dale Chihuly, hot glass artist and create a Chihuly inspired piece of art “glass” in camp. Create random organic forms with colors and transparency similar to glass.
Instructor: Vanessa Goslin

Beauty and the Beast (Ages: 7+) YOU-8180-02
They say it’s a face only a mother could love, but there is beauty in every creature despite their appearance. Come face to face with the good, the bad, and the ugly creatures surrounding us!
Instructor: Sara Tate, Wildlife Prairie Park

Beginning Puppetry (Ages: 7+) YOU-8174-02
Make a hand puppet and learn about scripting, staging, and performing with your puppet. Build and work together to create fun characters.
Instructor: Tanya Smith

It’s a Jungle in There! (Ages: 7+) YOU-8188-02
Learn about habitats and the water cycle while creating your own jungle terrarium.
Instructor: Tricia Haynes

Take A Trip (Ages: 9+) YOU-8185-02
Instructor: Nicole Wiltse

Follow Your Dreams (Ages: 7+) YOU-8186-02
Instructor: Mary Haywood


Wed, July 23 Minors

(choose one)

Cartooning with Hugo (Ages: 9+) YOU-8104-03
Try your hand at cartooning, no experience necessary – just a creative sense of humor. Learn how line and form combine to get the facial expressions and comic movement you want to convey. Maybe you’ll be the next Walt Disney!
Instructor: Hugo Heredia

You Build It Birdhouses (Ages: 8+) YOU-8122-03
Instructor: Woodcrafters Unlimited of Princeton

Art-o-Motion (Ages: 9+) YOU-8179-03
Instructor: Vanessa Goslin

Let’s “Make” Music (Ages: 7+) YOU-8182-03
Instruments are the key component to every great song. Learn how to make your own tambourines, maracas, drums, strumming instruments, and more!
Instructor: Tanya Smith

Bubble-Palooza! (Ages: 7+) YOU-8103-03
Spend some time experimenting with bubble formulas, learn how to create giant bubbles of your own, and learn where the color comes from.
Instructor: Tricia Haynes

Good Eats & Healthy Treats II (Ages: 7+) YOU-8175-03
Instructor: Ashley Swanson

Summer Fiesta! (Ages: 9+) YOU-8184-03
Come join the party and learn about the Hispanic Culture. You will learn the basics of the language; explore several musical groups, artists, sample
different types of foods and learn how they are made.
Instructor: Nicole Wiltse

Happy Folding: Origami 101 (Ages: 7+) YOU-8187-03
Origami is not only a fun and ancient art form; it is also a skill that now uses the cutting edge of science and math. Experiment with a variety of bends and folds and learn a talent you can enjoy for a lifetime.
Instructor: Mary Haywood