October 22, 2013 Facilities Committee Meeting

The Facilities Committee of the Board of Trustees of Illinois Valley Community College District No. 513 met at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, October 22, 2013 in the Board Room (C307) at Illinois Valley Community College.

Committee Members Physically Present:
David O. Mallery, Chair
Melissa M. Olivero
Laurie A. Bonucci


Others Physically Present:
Jerry Corcoran, President
Cheryl Roelfsema, Vice President for Business Services and Finance
Lori Scroggs, Interim Vice President for Learning and Student Development
Gary Johnson, Director of Facilities
Paul Basalay, Architect
Michael Alstadt, Architect
Steve Halm, Capital Development Board


The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. by Mr. Mallery. 



A committee of College administrators and Steve Halm, Paul Basalay, and Mike Alstadt met to discuss Phase 3 of the Community Instructional Center (CIC) project.  Paul reviewed what was discussed at the meeting.  The committee reviewed how much money was available from Phase 1 and 2 of the CIC project along with other revenues and compared this with the original scope of Phase 3.  Monies available from Phase 1 and 2 are $273,000; the furniture and moveable equipment budget was $1,000,000 and there is an estimated $275,000 remaining.  The College also has $259,000 available in Capital Renewal Funds and the elevator in Building E ($300,000) could be funded with a portion of the Protection, Health and Safety (PHS) annual tax levy.  Mr. Mallery expressed concern that the College is increasing its portion of Phase 3, while lessening the Capital Development Board’s (CDB) portion.  The College is also allowing CDB and KJWW to charge their percentage on the portion of the project while the College is paying 100 percent.  The committee reviewed the spaces for Phase 3 with program changes and scope changes.  Dollar amounts were assigned to each project and then ranked in priority.  The total cost of Phase 3 is estimated at $1,139,750 (without contingencies) and only $1,107,000 in funds available.  This was close enough to include some alternate bids.  In addition to the extra funds previously mentioned from Capital Renewal and PHS, IVCC would have to come up with additional funds of $900,000 to do everything in the original scope of Phase 3.  It was recommended to include one elevator in the building where other high priority projects would take place.  The other two elevators were left out because they were not a high priority and not in buildings where work would be done.  There was consensus among the committee members with the priority list.  Paul Basalay is hoping for more competitive bids by putting the projects together.  The first step is to re-evaluate each of the areas, to update the estimates, and then come back to the Board.  Steve Halm noted he would need a letter from Cheryl Roelfsema noting the projects to be included in Phase 3 and the College’s total commitment.  No money would be transferred now, but the College would be committed to the amount.  It was moved by Ms. Bonucci and seconded by Ms. Olivero to approve the priorities of Phase 3 as listed on page 2, item 5 in the notes prepared by Basalay, Cary & Alstadt Architects of the meeting held on October 8, 2013 of with a dollar amount of $1,139,750 plus a ten percent contingency.  It was also discussed if KJWW could be replaced for Phase 3.  Motion passed by voice vote.



Due to the conditions of the softball and baseball fields, The Wright Insurance Group was asked to review the College athletic field areas for safety and liability issues. Recommendations for improvement were shared with the Facilities Committee.  The condition of the baseball facilities is very unsafe and the recommendation was to use this field only for practices.  Jason Goode, the new baseball coach, Tracy Morris, and Tommy Canale recommended the College enter into an agreement with the City of Oglesby to use their Dickinson House field for baseball games.  Local trade groups are donating labor for the softball field to build new dugouts and Maze Lumber is supplying half of the materials, Cyclops did the posts, and Western Sand & Gravel did the concrete work.  Cory Tomasson has worked closely with Gary Johnson and the field will be in good condition and the materials selected will blend in nicely with the new building and the east campus.  The fencing around the field was noted as not being safe.  The price tag on the fence is a little under $10,000 and will be funded by the facilities budget.  Mr. Mallery asked for the board members if they would have time to solicit donations for the fencing.  It was determined that the administration would like to complete the fencing this fall.  Once this is completed the focus will be on the baseball field.  The plan is to continue the agreement with the City of Oglesby and use their field until funds are raised to upgrade the baseball field.  There was consensus of the committee to proceed with the plan.



It was moved by Ms. Olivero, seconded by Ms. Bonucci, and carried unanimously to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 p.m.  Motion passed by voice vote.