Proficiency Exams

All computer proficiency exams will be given in the Assessment Center, E-215. Please contact Sarah Trager, sarah_trager@ivcc.edu or (815) 224-0542 for Assessment Center to schedule an appointment. Please contact the Workforce Development office by phone: (815) 224-0233 or  theresa_carranco@ivcc.edu or speak with your counselor with specific questions regarding the exams.

  • Meet with an IVCC Counselor or contact the Workforce Development division office (C-317) regarding proficiency exam information. 
  • Schedule an appointment with the Assessment Center for Proficiency Exam.  Please indicate which proficiency exam you are wanting when scheduling your appointment.  Appointments will be made with a minimum of one week notice.
  • Obtain the Proficiency Exam Request Form from the Workforce Development division office and complete in its entirety. 
  • Take the form to the Cashier (C-201) and pay the $15 non-refundable fee.
  • Bring form and photo ID to the Assessment Center for your scheduled appointment.  Both are required in order to test.

If a student passes the exam, they must pay for the tuition in order to receive the credit on their transcript. All grades are recorded as Pass only. Please expect scoring of your proficiency exam to take 2 to 3 weeks. Your results will be e-mailed to you with the e-mail address you have provided on your Proficiency Exam Request Form.

We offer the proficiency exams for the following courses:

Proficiency Exams Offered
Class Credit Hours Study Guide in
Rich Text File (RTF) Format
Computer Keyboarding Applications
2 credit hours (study guide)
Microsoft Office Professional I
3 credit hours (study guide)
Microsoft Windows
2 credit hours (study guide)
Internet and WWW
3 credit hours (study guide)
Basic Computer Skills for the Workplace
1 credit hour (study guide)

Test results are valid for one year after date taken.  Proficiency exams may not be repeated  if a student does not pass on their first attempt. The course must be taken if the student has not passed the proficiency exam.