Placement Testing

What is the Test?

Required tests in reading, English,  and math. Currently the test consists of:
     ** a sentence skills test, and the possibility of a written essay
     ** a vocabulary and reading comprehension skills tests
     ** a math test (calculators can not be used on the math placement test)

You should take this test seriously because IVCC uses the results of this assessment to place you into your courses. Some students will be required to take developmental classes to improve their basic skills and prepare them for college level courses including English and math. Do your best to assure that you are properly placed. There is no charge the first time you test.

An appointment is REQUIRED for all Placement Testing.  A minimum of twenty-four hours is required for scheduling placement testing.

Who Must Take the Test?

All first-time, full-time students. Additionally, any student who wants to take a writing or math course.

When Can It Be Taken?

Placement Testing Hours:

Main Campus (Oglesby)

Tuesday   10 AM
Wednesday 10 AM and 4 PM
Thursday     4 PM

Ottawa Center

Tuesday   4:30 PM
Wednesday    9:30 AM

Thursday 1:00 pm  *Offered in fall and spring semester or  before the start of semester*


Please go to www.registerblast.com/ivcc or  call 815/224-0542 to set up your placement testing appointment for either location.