What is the Reading Placement Test?

Each student taking the reading placement test will be presented with a series of 20 questions of two primary types. The first type consists of a reading passage followed by a question based on the text. Both short and long narratives are provided. The reading passages can also be classified according to the kind of information processing required, including explicit statements related to the main idea, explicit statements related to a secondary idea, application and inference. IVCC offers Adult Basic Reading, Basic Reading I (RED 0800), Basic Reading II (RED 0900) and Power Reading (RED 1008).

The reading placement test is required of all students planning on enrolling in English courses.  All developmental reading courses (RED 0800 and RED 0900)  must be completed before enrolling in College Level English.

The  printed material link listed below has content similar to what you might experience on the IVCC reading placement test. Please note that these are types of problems that you may see on the test, not questions from the test itself. Additional topics may be included on the test. You may also visit www.accuplacer.org for more review options.


Printable Reading Review