What is the Math Placement Test?


To best determine student's math skills, IVCC utilizes three math exams.  Students answer background questions to determine prior knowledge and the appropriate test.


Students who indicate they have completed basic math or pre-algebra in the past will take an Arithmetic test.  This exam has 17 questions and covers operations with whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents and problem solving. Completion of this exam will place students into Adult Basic Math, Pre-Algebra (MTH 0900), Basic Algebra (MTH 0906) or Technical Math I (MTH 1206).


Students who indicate they have completed one or more years of Algebra will take an Elementary Algebra test.  This exam has 12 questions on integers, rational numbers, algebraic expressions, inequalities and word problems. Completion of the Elementary Algebra exam could place students into Pre-Algebra (MTH 0900), Basic Algebra (MTH 0906), Technical Math I (MTH 1206) and Intermediate Algebra (MTH 0907).  Students who score 70 or higher have the option of Fast Track, which is a two-week refresher for MTH 0907 and either enrolling in Statistics or College Algebra.   An IVCC counselor needs to register an individual for this specific coursework. 


Students who score an 80 or above on the Elementary Algebra exam will be routed into a College Level Math test. This 20 question exam includes topics on algebraic operations, solutions, coordinate geometry, complex numbers and trigonometry. Placements on the College Level Math test can range from Math for Liberal Arts (MTH 1000) to Calculus (MTH 2001).


To enroll in Chemistry, Business Math or Nursing courses, students must take the math Placement test. Please speak with a counselor for more information.


Web-Sites for Math Review


The web sites and printed material listed below are filled with content similar to what you might experience on the IVCC math placement test. Please note that these are types of problems that you may see on the test, not questions from the test itself. Additional topics may be included on the test.


Purple Math


That Math Quiz


SOS Math Review


College Level Math Study Guide



For additional web sites and links to a large amount of ACCUPLACER practice tests, go to any search engine and type 'ACCUPLACER math practice' in the text box or go to www.accuplacer.org for additional review options.