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IVCC's revitalized agriculture program leads to careers after two years and seamless transfer to four-year colleges and universities. Courses are transferable to state colleges offering bachelor's degrees in agriculture.


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Full-time Agriculture Instructor - Opening!

Application Deadline May 1

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AGR 1000 Introduction to Field Crop Science
AGR 1002 Introduction to Agricultural Mechanics
AGR 1005 Introduction to Soil Science
AGR 1200 Introduction to Agricultural Business Management 
AGR 1202 Introduction to Agricultural Industry
AGR 1207 Agricultural Credit and Finance 
AGR 1208 Advanced Agricultural Business Management
AGR 1209 Crop Production and Management 
AGR 1212 Agricultural Sales
AGR 1218 Crop Pest Management

Spring Ag classes!

AGR 1001 Introduction to Agricultural Economics
AGR 1004 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications in Agriculture
AGR 1206 Introduction to Precision Agriculture
AGR 1213 Agricultural Internship
AGR 1214 Agricultural Internship Seminar
AGR 1215 Agricultural Marketing
AGR 1217 Soil Fertility and Fertilizers

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Agricultural Business Management Degree Flyer

Agronomy Degree Flyer *New For Fall 2018 

NewsTribune Article: State board OKs agronomy degree program at IVCC

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Agriculture Scholarships - pdf *Applications Due February 7, 2019

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University of Illinois Extension Agriculture Programs

2018 IVCC Agriculture Annual Report

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For more information or to schedule a campus visit contact:

Willard Mott, Agriculture Instructor and Program Coordinator.

Telephone: (815) 224-0413

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