Report Card Mail Request

Forms are also available in the Admissions & Records Office,Student Services, Counseling Center, and on the East Campus.

Report cards are not mailed to students unless specifically requested by the student. Grades will be available for viewing through WebAdvisor upon the completion of the grading process (usually the day after grades are due for faculty for a given semester.)

To request a printed report card:

Download the form and bring it to the Office of Admissions and Records or fill it out in person by visiting the A&R Office during normal business hours.

  • This form will allow a student to have all grades automatically mailed for a period of three years. After that time, the student will need to re-submit a report card request.
  • Students picking up a copy of their report card need to present a photo ID.  Only the student can complete the form.  If the report card request is submitted is submitted while end of semester processing has begun, the report card will be mailed after completion of the grading process.
  • All ADVANCE requests will be mailed.
  • Report cards will only be mailed if there is a release form on file and signed by the student. Parents are not able to fill out the form for the student.

Information regarding report card viewing on WebAdvisor:

  • All students have a WebAdvisor account and can contact the Computer Resource Center for additional assistance in viewing grades online. Instructions are available on the bottom of this page.
  • Questions about the grade itself need to be directed to the instructor.
  • To determine your cumulative GPA, you will need to request an official transcript or meet with your counselor.
  • Students with restrictions on their account will not be able to view their grades (these include any financial holds for money or materials owed to the college).

Accessing Grades on WebAdvisor

  • Go to www.ivcc.edu/webadvisor and select WebAdvisor for Students.
  • Log in—if you have never used WebAdvisor before, you will need to set up your account. For assistance, go to the Computer Resource Center in D201.
  • Select the option “Grade Point Average by Term.” If this option is not visible, the grade viewing option is not available at that time.
  • Enter the term you would like to view grades for.
  • This will provide the term GPA, the number of credits earned, the number of grade points earned (used for GPA), and the individual grades.
  • If a grade is not visible, it has not been entered or verified by the instructor. 
  • You can print this using your print button on your browser.

Be sure to log out to keep your information secure!