High School Student Enrollment Policy

 E-Square College Classes

Early Entry College Classes (known as E-Square or E2C) are a great opportunity for high school students to take college classes at their own high school, either during the day or in the mornings before school. These classes are offered at a discount rate and registration is limited. For specific information about courses offered at your High School, contact your guidance counselor.

For additional general information, contact Susan Monroe, IVCC Dual Credit Coordinator at 224-0598, by email, or by visiting the IVCC Dual Credit Website.


Concurrent Enrollment

High school students wishing to enroll in college classes other than E-square classes during the regular school day must have written consent of the high school principal, counselor, or other authorized official. Such students must bring this written authorization with them at the time registration or include it with the mail/fax registration form. The high school official must specify the number of courses or semester hours and the particular courses for which the student may enroll.