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Options for Applying

Apply Online (no fee!)

Printable forms require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can request a hard copy form by e-mailing kathy_sramek@ivcc.edu or calling (815) 224-0439


Full time vs. Part time

Full-time students take 12 credit hours or more (usually 4 classes). You need to file an application, high school transcript (or G.E.D. test results), and all previous college transcripts. Students in high school should submit ACT results.

Part-time students take 11 credit hours or less (usually up to 3 classes). It is not necessary to file any advanced application or academic records. These records may be useful when working with a college counselor.

Counseling & Advising Assistance

If you want to enroll but are not quite sure what exactly you want to study or if simply want to speak with someone regarding your next steps to enrollment, please call the IVCC Counseling Center at (815) 224-0360 or visit them online.

In addition, you may browse our programs of study at the IVCC Catalog.


Admission Policies and Procedures

We are very pleased that you are interested in admission to IVCC. For additional information, please consult the current college catalog or contact us at 815-224-0439.


Your Admission

You may be admitted as either a Degree or Certificate Seeking Student or as a Student-At-Large. A Degree or Certificate Seeking Student is one who is working towards graduation in one of the college's degree or certificate programs. A Degree or Certificate Seeking Student may be enrolled either full time or part time.

A Student-At-Large is one who is taking courses to fit his or her individual needs and interests. A Student-At-Large is not a candidate for a degree or certificate, but may later qualify by fulfilling the graduation requirements for a Degree or Certificate. Credits earned as a Student-At-Large may be applied toward a degree or certificate.

For more information about the Renewable Wind Energy Program, fill out an interest form. 


Who Can Be Admitted To IVCC

Illinois Valley Community College has an "open door" admission policy. Any high school graduate or mature person with equivalent educational back ground is eligible for admission. Admission to most programs is open. Some programs have additional requirements for admission. Please refer to specific program description for details.


If You Have Never Completed High School

You may enroll for part time or full time. People who have discontinued high school may enroll after their high school class has graduated - or may obtain a certificate of severance from the superintendent or principal in the high school district in order to begin IVCC courses earlier. For information on enrollment for current high school students, go to the High School Enrollment page.


International Students

Admission requests should be made directly to the Director of Admissions and Records. Specific requirements are available on the International Student page.


Placement Tests

The college accepts the responsibility of assisting students in the selection of courses and programs that will be in the student's best interest. Placement tests are administered to students to assist in proper placement in English, reading, mathematics, and science courses. Placement tests are required for first-time, full-time students, as well as for certain courses.  For more details on placement tests, see the IVCC Assessment Center page or reach them at 815-224-0542.