Teaching and Learning Committee


The Teaching and Learning Committee promotes the highest quality teaching and learning, identifies innovative and effective ways to provide access to students, evaluates the effectiveness of teaching, and works to continuously improve student learning.


  • Assess expectations and requirements regarding teaching and learning.
  • Review current Assessment of Student Learning (ASL) activities and results.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of ASL Activities and identify areas for improvement.
  • Approve plan for ASL, including classroom, program and institutional levels.
  • Review results of program evaluations.
  • Review needs assessments and make recommendations for new or revised programs.
  • Review and take action on student requirements or other instructional practices.
  • Ensure that IVCC’s general education goals are reflected in the curriculum, and that student achievement of those goals is assessed.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of related activities and recommend improvements.
  • Ensure that needs for technology to enhance teaching and learning are assessed, and that applications are implemented and evaluated.


Deborah Anderson, Chair
Bonnie Campbell
Amanda Cook Fesperman
Dorene Data
Jeff Fesperman
Ron Groleau
Mark Grzybowski
Julie Hogue
Brian Holloway
Tracy Lee
Jane Sack
Robyn Schiffman
Matt Suerth
Emily Vescogni

Meeting notes are available on the IVCC Intranet.

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