Request/Requisition and Professional Travel

Purchase of supplies/books/magazines/videos

Please contact your Deans regarding purchase of supplies, books, magazines, videos, etc. Requisitions are done electronically through Colleague software.

It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Office to conduct all negotiations affecting the purchase, price, terms and delivery of materials or goods for the operation of IVCC. Vendors are not to supply goods or services, under any circumstance, without receiving an authorized purchase order. Any order placed by individuals without authorization from the IVCC Purchasing Department will be considered as a personal transaction between the vendor and the individual. IVCC will not assume liability for payments of obligations incurred without a proper purchase order number.

Provisions of the Illinois Public Community College Act, the Illinois Purchasing Act, and the Policies and Procedures Manual govern the purchasing policies of IVCC.

  • $1 - $999 - One or two price inquiries
  • $1000 - $2499 - Two or three written or phone quotations
  • $2,500 - $9,999 - Two written quotes initiated and received in the Purchasing Department.
  • $10,000 and over - Formal bid acceptance by the Board of Trustees.

Professional Travel Guidelines

Expenses should be kept as low as reasonably possible when traveling at College expense.

Meals per day should not exceed $30.00 plus tips per person and in many geographical areas, may be less. Exceptions may be made if meals are part of the conference cost or other justifiable expense. Where possible, this should be approved in advance of attending the conference. If meals exceed $30.00 per day, the individual may be required to reimburse the difference to the college.

Standard room costs will also paid by the college. If a double room is used, the individual will reimburse the college for the difference between single and double room costs.

When possible and practical, staff should begin their travel plans by reserving one of the college cars through Safety Services. Travel by personal car may be permitted in lieu of other types of transportation, with the permission of the appropriate supervisor. Reimbursement for air travel will be based upon the Super-Saver coach fare, economy fare, if available. This may require an advance booking of 14 days and reduces the usual rate. Also a round trip car expense to an airport at the prevailing reimbursement rate per mile is allowed.

Only personal phone calls of five minutes or less will be reimbursed, as long as the call is to provide notice of safe arrival, change in schedule, etc.

For all staff travel, receipts will support 80% of all expenditures or, minimally, all expenses will be itemized. Itemizing will include dollars, participants, function and purpose.

Cash advances will be issued for anticipated costs of at least $100. Lesser expenses will be handled on a reimbursement basis.

Dollars allocated for professional travel in the operating budget are to be expended by individual request; that is, travel will require prior approval on a trip-by-trip basis.