Physical Plant/Campus Security

Who to call for different types of problems

Physical plant is located in A109 and is responsible for the maintenance of the buildings and surrounding grounds.  The director is Gary Johnson at Ext. 378, the administrative assistant is Judy Kurtz at Ext. 300.  Ext. 300 should be used to report any faculty furniture, or safety concerns involving physical items in the building or surrounding area, or areas that need attention such as bathrooms, classrooms, etc.  Under their responsibility also falls the issuing of keys, moving and storage of furniture and other items.

Gary's cell phone: 815-739-5233

Scott's cell phone: 815-509-6215

Key Assignment Card
Storage Request Form

Campus Security is located in C-103, extension 314.  The supervisor is Dennis Franklin.  Campus Security is responsible for issuing of parking passes; patrolling the grounds and building; traffic control; and the reserving and usage of the college car  (The reservation of college vans occurs through the athletics secretary, Sue Harding, at Ext. 472.  This office is located in the lobby of the gym, G211.)  Campus Security or the Switchboard at Ext. 600 should be contacted in case of an emergency that would require the presence of a police type figure.

College Storage Policy/Procedures

  • Storage request form must be filled out and have the appropriate signatures.  Forms will be kept in the Physical Plant Office.
  • If items don't have foreseeable use within 12 months they should not be stored.
  • An annual storage inventory must be completed for each department.  This is the responsibility of the using department.  A copy of the inventory and the continued status of stored items should be sent to the Physical Plant Office.
  • All items must be clearly marked:
    1. Department
    2. Responsible person
    3. Date stored
    4. Phone extension
  • Storage areas must be kept neat and orderly.  This is the responsibility of the user.

College Automobile Sign Up Policy/Procedure

In order to ensure maximum use of the college car, it must be in use the day any college employee wishes to be reimbursed mileage for using his/her own vehicle.  If the college car is not in use, no personal car mileage will be paid.  Also, the car will be used on a first-come, first-served basis.  All requests for use of this general use vehicle should be made through Campus Security.  See also the Administrative Manual Use of College Vehicle, available on the College Intranet.

Parking Information

To ensure safe parking for all individuals using the IVCC campus facilities, the following policy has been unanimously adopted by representatives from the college students, faculty, classified and custodial staff, and administration.

Any person parking on the IVCC campus needs to obey all posted traffic control signs and the laws of the State of Illinois while on campus.

Student cars are to be parked in Parking Lots 2, 3, 4 and 5, which are reserved for this purpose.  All cars are to be parked within the parking space lines painted on the lots.  While all people are expected to abide by State traffic laws and campus regulations, the following violations have special significance:

1. Blocking road or walkway;
2. Parking in fire lane;
3. Blocking or parking on the lawn;
4. Blocking the exit route of other parked cars;
5. Parking in the Faculty/Staff lots (1 and 6), guest parking spaces, or special permit parking spaces;
6. Parking in the turn-around more than 30 minutes;
7. Not parking within parking space lines.

Any person in violation of any of the preceding seven provisions will have their car towed and impounded at a local gas station, the cost of the towing to be paid by the violator to the towing company before the car will be released.

Lots 1 and 6 will be open to anyone after 4:00 PM, but rules regarding disabled parking will still apply.

Visitor Parking Permits are available for official guests of the college.  These permits are issued through the office of the Vice-President of Business Services and Finance.

All faculty and staff must register their vehicles with Campus Security.  They will be issued a parking pass that must be displayed hanging on the rear view mirror of the vehicle at all times.  The faculty and staff parking areas are clearly designated and are reserved.  The college assumes no responsibility or liability for any property loss or damage to any cars in the campus area.

Parking Lot number 1 and 6 are reserved for faculty and staff parking.  These lots will be open to anyone after 4PM, but rules regarding disabled parking will still apply.

Handicapped Parking at IVCC are in compliance with the state and local statues and honor those permits issued by the state or local municipalities.  These designated parking slots are found in Lots 1 and 6.  And along the East side of the main campus.   There are also designated places at the outer buildings.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is prohibited in all College-owned and leased vehicles. This includes College cars, vans, shuttles, Facilities vehicles, and Shipping & Receiving vehicles. Smoking/use of tobacco is allowed only in designated areas outside the buildings in accordance with the Smoke Free Illinois Act. See list below for those designated areas.


Lower Level Areas

- Southwest corner of Building A – by concrete steps

- North side of Building D – by concrete steps and service road (same as Middle Level Area, Building B)


Middle Level Area

- Northeast corner of Building B – at the bottom of the concrete stairs

- Southeast of Building E – by the service road


IVCC Ottawa Campus

- Southwest corner of building, as designated


Students in violation of smoking ordinances or other conduct violations may be ticketed and subject to the Student Code of Conduct for multiple offenses. Penalties for violations of the student code of conduct may be found at catalog.ivcc.edu/studentservices/studenthandbook and may include oral or written reprimands, disciplinary probation, suspension, or expulsion.

Violations by employees will be noted on the annual Employee Development Plan (EDP) or in the case of faculty on the appropriate pre- or post-tenure evaluation and review documentation