Professional Growth and Development

Faculty Development

Sabbatical Leave:
Sabbatical leave is available to instructors who have taught full-time for 6 or more years at IVCC.  It requires board approval and may be taken for a semester at full salary or a year at half salary.  For more information see the IVCC Faculty Contract.

Professional Project Support:
IVCC Board of Trustees policy #3028 provides for procedures that provide access to financial, logistical and in-kind support for research initiatives.  The Board realizes employees may pursue educational opportunities which include intensive research for a thesis, dissertation, development of a position paper, or other special project.  These endeavors, besides affording the achievement of personal objectives, may concurrently contribute to the college's strategic initiatives and goals.  Where mutual benefit is possible, in-kind or financial support may be warranted, the level of which will be proportionate to the degree of institutional needs, as determined by the President.


Opportunities for Travel

The International Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP) offers two week professional and cultural exchanges for faculty and administrators.  Non-teaching faculty, like counselors, are also encouraged to apply.  Typically, participants are paired with someone in the host college who teaches in a similar discipline or has comparable job responsibilities.

All arrangement for the exchanges are made by ICISP in cooperation with the home college.  All costs, except personal expenses, will be picked up by IVCC.  During your exchange you will stay with your counterpart while in their country and you will be expected to provide room and board for your guest while he/she is in our country.  Contact Steve Alvin (#423) if you are interested.


Conferences, Meetings, and Workshops

Attendance at professional meetings, workshops, and conferences is encouraged as an avenue of professional development in either the faculty member's discipline, or in teaching and learning.  Travel expenses are reimbursed within the limits of the division or academic affairs budgets.  Deans evaluate the requests for travel, and authorize the budgetary expenditure.  Approval by the Vice-President for Academic Affairs is also required.  Travel expense forms are available in the division offices.

IVCC Sponsored Development Activities

  • Faculty Development Days
  • IVCC Courses
  • ION Courses

Center for Excellence in Teaching, Learning, and Assessment (CETLA):
CETLA is open to all full and part-time faculty (your IVCC faculty ID card will allow you to enter).  CETLA is located in C-102 where you will find a comfortable place to sit, a large calendar showing on- and off-campus development opportunities (including a file of registration information), a small library of reference materials, and computer work stations.  The Center also includes a small meeting area that may be reserved for development activities.

The CETLA Mission/Purpose Statement: CETLA provides faculty with resources, support and development opportunities to promote excellence and innovation in teaching, learning, and assessment.  In achieving this purpose CETLA will foster communication and collaboration among faculty.