Best Practices and Expectations for Courses

This document is intended to provide guidelines for delivery of telecourses and online courses. Expectations are drawn from ideas presented by IVCC faculty and by examples from other educational institutions that have faced the challenge of creating an engaging learning environment at a distance. All Learning Anytime, Any Place (LAAP) courses should meet these expectations. Faculty are encouraged to incorporate suggestions in the Best Practices category to maximize student success in these courses.

Telecourses have provided IVCC students with flexibility in scheduling since 1989. The majority of students cite convenience as the primary reason for selecting the course format. Since 1998, online courses have served to meet the needs of adult learners who are unable to attend campus sessions due to work or family obligations, or for health or economic reasons. Students participating in these classes are entitled to the same level of educational excellence that is provided on campus.

Best Practices and Expectations