Instructional Support Services

Copy Center

Location and Hours
The Copy Center is located in Room B112.  It is open from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Purpose of the Copy Center
To provide fast, dependable service at a low cost of copies ranging from 1-1000 per original for college departments, faculty and staff.

How it Works
Faculty wishing to have materials duplicated should turn copy originals into the Mailroom or the Copy Center.  (Request forms may be obtained from the division offices or from the Copy Center.)

There is a 24-hour turn-around time during the regular year and a 48-hour turn-around time at the start of every semester and during exam periods.

Conditions of Originals

  • Originals should be white and in good condition.
  • Originals with more than one page must be numbered to enable proper placement of the copies made.

Where to pick up finished copies

  • Larger jobs can be picked up in the teacher's room (next to the Copy Center).  To acquire access to the teacher's room please contact ext. 313 or your division secretary.

Copy Machine for Teacher Use

  • There are copy machines located in the outer room of the Copy Center or in the Counseling Center for your convenience.

Copy Cards

  • All copiers need a copy card to operate; the cards are issued and refilled at the Copy Center.  You may obtain request forms from either the division offices or the Duplication Center.
  • Credit will not be issued if a copy card is lost, but a new card may be issued and you will be charged for the new quantity of copies.
  • It is recommended that after receiving the card your name and department should be written on the back of the card.  This helps us to return the misplaced card if ever discovered.

Instruction for Convenience Copiers

  • Follow copier operation procedures as shown on each copier.
  • Insert copy card into cardholder, the screen on the cardholder will display the number of copies left on your card.
  • Select number of copies to be made.
  • When job is completed, remove copy card from the cardholder.
  • The convenience copiers do not collate.  Jobs to be collated should be turned into the Duplication Center.

Paper for Convenience Copier

  • Paper can be found next to the Teachers Room in the cabinets.  There are three types of paper: 8 1/2 X 11, 11 X 17, 8 1/2 X 14
  • Trays can be found on the worktable to accommodate these lengths for your copy needs.

Textbook Adoption, Review and Desk Copies

Textbooks are adopted by division or departmental agreement and are approved by the Dean.

A faculty member should request a review copy of the desired textbook from the textbook company sales representative or have one of the division secretaries request the desired textbook from the textbook company sales representative for you.

Changes in textbooks should be prepared well in advance of the semester that you are going to change textbooks to allow adequate time for the bookstore to stock the new book and determine a buy back policy for the old book as well as give all instructors teaching the course adequate time to prepare for their classes using the new textbook.

Desk copies of current textbooks may be requested directly from the publisher or through your division office.


CETLA (Center for Excellence in Teaching Learning and Assessment) provides faculty with resources, support and development opportunities to promote excellence and innovation in teaching, learning and assessment  In achieving this purpose CETLA will foster communication and collaboration among faculty.

CETLA supports faculty efforts to improve teaching, learning and assessment at IVCC through grants to develop innovative techniques, a newsletter to share information, a mentoring program for new faculty, resources in C-102 and on-line at www.ivcc.edu/cetla/.  CETLA supports, publicizes, and offers professional development opportunities for faculty.

For further information, contact Mary Smith (extension 520) or Holly Mathews (extension 515) or e-mail mary_smith@ivcc.edu or holly_mathews@ivcc.edu.

Instructional Learning Technology

Learning Technologies:
The Learning Technologies' staff provides assistance to faculty and staff in locating and utilizing resources for learning.  Learning Technology is located in room C-114 and is open from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.  Please feel free to visit Learning Technologies at any time to familiarize yourself with the equipment and resources available.

Classroom Equipment and Resources
TV/VCR, overhead projectors, slide projectors, cassette tape recorders, flip-charts, digital cameras, laser disc players, audio systems, table top podiums, video tapes, screens, camcorders, and other equipment can be checked out on a daily basis or assigned to a teaching station.  Call ext. 463 to reserve equipment.

Audio and video tape duplication, ITV video-conferences, telecourse management, transparencies, training on instructional technologies, and satellite teleconferences are some of the services available through Learning Technologies.

Community Use of Equipment
Community service programs offered on the Illinois Valley Community College campus by the college or other community agencies that have approval to use college facilities, may request the use of college equipment.

Web Services/Webmaster
Faculty are encouraged to have a Web site at IVCC.  For more information on how to obtain an account on the IVCC Web server, and assistance in creating a Web site, please contact the Webmaster at webmaster@ivcc.edu.

Jacobs Library

Regular library hours are 7:30 am - 8:00 pm, Monday through Thursday, 7:30 am - 4:30 pm Friday. During the eight week summer session, hours are 7:30 am - 8:00 pm, Monday through Thursday only. The library is closed when the college is closed, and operates with modified hours when classes are not in session.

Library Staff
The library staff consists of two professional librarians and six clerks.  The professional librarians are the Library Director, Government Document Librarian and Periodicals/Collection Development Librarian.  All members of the library staff are assigned to the circulation desk.  The professional librarians are all reference librarians.

The Jacobs Library collection includes over 75,000 items, including books, bound periodicals, microfilm, microfiche, maps, indexes, databases and government documents, and local history materials.  Over 9,000 ebooks are in the collection and there is access to more than 1,000 audio books.

Computers are available to access the internet, personal accounts, or use the many databases which support the curriculum.

The library subscribes to approximately 20,000 magazines and journals online, participates in the Federal Depository Library Program and maintains an Illinois State Documents collection.

Reserves and Circulations
Any item that is circulated inside the library (as from the reserve desk), or outside the library REQUIRES THE USE OF A STUDENT ID.

Librarians will place on special reserve any titles in demand for class assignments.  Please allow 24 hours before sending in your class to use these reserves.

To protect the Library collection and to provide better access for students, the librarians urge instructors to provide the librarians with advance notice of topics they are assigning to students for research papers.  Volumes on special reserve will be circulated by the hour of for overnight use.

Books and other materials that belong either to the library or to the instructor may be placed on reserve.  THE LIBRARY WILL NOT PLACE ON RESERVE ANY ITEMS OBTAINED THROUGH INTERLIBRARY LOAN.

Books, which are not on special reserve, normally circulate for 4 weeks.  Nursing books and vertical file materials circulate for one week, magazines for overnight.  Except for reference materials, a faculty member may have, for a reasonable period of time, and volume related to his classes or field of study , but all books MUST be returned at the end of the current semester.

Faculty members may place duplicated materials on reserve, a maximum of three copies will be accepted for circulation.

Faculty members are urged to make suggestions for items to be purchased and placed in the library.  These may be submitted by e-mail to the librarian, or the library also has forms available to use when requesting items for purchase.  Notices are sent to the requesting instructor when the items are processed and ready for circulation.

Interlibrary Loans
Jacobs Library is a partner with the I-Share in a statewide library network catalog.  As a result of this affiliation items may be borrowed directly on line using the faculty member's ID number.  These materials are sent to Jacobs Library and library staff members will notify the faculty to come and pick up their items.  If you teach at IVCC but are, yourself, a student at another I-Share library, you will have to choose which library you will use as your home library, and the materials will be sent to that library.  If the item you want does not appear in I-Share, you may request the item, and the interlibrary loan technician will get the material for you.  Requests may be dropped off in the library or e-mailed to Jacobs_Library@ivcc.edu.

Tours and Class Library Usage
If you are planning a class tour/library instruction session, please call the library (ext. 306) at least 24 hours ahead of time, so that we can arrange for the proper equipment.

Copying/Printing in the Library
Two photocopy machines are available in the library for student use, and all copies are 10 cents per exposure.