Guidelines for Excusing Students for IVCC Events

Faculty (or coaches) who are planning a field trip or other IVCC-sponsored activity that will take students out of class will notify the faculty and the deans at least one week prior to the event with dates and times, identifying the students who will be involved.  No field trips or other events should be scheduled during finals week without prior approval from the VPAA.  It is understood that, in some cases, a week’s notice is not feasible because of the nature of the scheduling of the event (such as an athletic play-off); however in all other situations, the one-week timeline should be adhered to for the benefit of the participating students.

Students listed must be allowed opportunities to make up work missed on those dates, but they (the students) are responsible for contacting their instructors and making arrangements for make ups.  Students who contact their instructor and follow through with assigned or missed work will not be penalized.   If a question arises regarding a student’s actually attendance, the faculty member will contact the sponsoring faculty member/coach directly.