Grade and Attendance Records

Grade Books

Grade books or copies of grade records and final grade rosters (signed by the faculty member and verified) must be turned in to the Office of Admissions and Records as a class is graded out and finalized.

Ideally, attendance records will be included with the grade records submitted at the close of the (section's) term for possible future audits by the Department of Education.

Student Attendance Policy

Faculty should develop their own attendance policies and place them in their course outlines.

Students are expected to attend all classes regularly.  If absence from class is unavoidable, it is the student's responsibility to explain the absence to his instructor(s) and arrange to complete any work missed.

If an instructor feels the number of accumulated absences is interfering with the student's progress and ability to successfully complete the course, the student may be dropped from the course without notice.

In open entry/open exit courses taught in a non-traditional manner, steady progress completion of course objectives is required of all students.  Students no making normal progress in fulfilling course objectives may be dropped from the course without notice.

Midterm verification and end of semester procedures

Midterm Verification Forms 
Midterm verification forms must be on file for all sections offered each semester for state audit purposes. The Supervisor of Registration and Records will issue the forms with a cover memo right before the midterm date of any given section. The instructor should compare the midterm form against the instructor's class roster. If a student is not attending, the cover memo will indicate a note should be made in the Comments field of the form. Once verified, the instructor is to return the form, signed on the midterm line, to the Office of Admissions and Records.

Final Grade Submission 
Full-time faculty are to enter their grades into Colleague at the close of each section's end (or term for general course sections). After entering and verifying grades, the instructors are to turn in their grade book (or copies of grade records) and their final grade roster, signed at the bottom. For part-time faculty, grades are to be turned in to the Division Offices by a designated time/date set by the division office. They too are to turn in their grade book and turn in a final grade roster signed, to the Division Office. Final grades are due in the Office of Admissions and Records by the time/date designated on the college calendar.

Withdrawal guidelines

Withdrawal Procedure
Withdrawal forms are to be completed in their entirety by faculty members after the drop period for the term (or sections, for sections with odd start/end dates) and should be turned in to the Office of Admissions and Records promptly following the initiation of withdrawal by the student or decision made by the faculty member.

Drop Procedure
Official drops from course sections are allowed and processed in the Office of Admissions and Records during the drop period ( up to 12.5% of the course length). The typical drop period for a 16 week class will be 10 days, although the drop period will vary for sections that begin after the first day of the semester or for sections that are short-term. For drops, students complete the drop section of the orange registration form and turn it in to A & R and once processed, the course section is not recorded on an official transcript.

Incomplete Guidelines

The IVCC board policy on incomplete grades states, in part:

Incomplete is a temporary grade assigned when illness, unavoidable absence, or other reasons satisfactory to the instructor prevent completion of the course requirements by the end of the semester.  A grade of "INC" must be removed as designated by the instructor, but not later than the last class day of the semester following the issuance of the incomplete.

If the "Incomplete" is not made up by the last class day of the semester following the issuance of the "Incomplete", the grade will revert to an "F."  Summer session will not be considered a semester for this policy.

Children in Classes

IVCC supports families and understands the needs of students who are parents.  However, when students bring their children to class it can create a distraction for the parent as well as for other students and the instructor.  Therefore, students are discouraged from bringing their children to class.  In a case where it is unavoidable, the instructor may grant permission.  Under no circumstances are children permitted in any labs except the Computer Resource Centers, which are subject to instructor discretion as outlined above.  In the interest of all concerned, students should not leave small children unattended anywhere on campus.

Notification of Absences for Extra- and Co-Curricular Activities

IVCC supports student participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.  However, such participation should not seriously interfere with the student's academic experience.  The sponsor of any extra or co-curricular activity should notify the faculty member from whose class the student(s) will be absent at least one week in advance of the event.  This notification should include the names of the student(s) involved.  As much as possible, sponsors should take into account the days of the week that events fall on, to minimize multiple absences from the same class.