Guidelines for Faculty Medical and Personal Leave

Faculty may take personal and medical leave in increments of four (4) and eight (8) hours.

While faculty loads are calculated based on equated credit hours, they are to work required a specific number of “instructional days,” which equivalent to a   5-day work, 40 hour work week.  Thus they are assumed to work a 40 hour week for purposes of determining leave. 

Therefore, if a faculty member is unable to perform assigned responsibilities and requests medical leave for the entire week (including all assigned responsibilities such as classes, labs, office hours, meetings, etc.) the faculty member will take 40 hours of medical leave.

If a faculty member is unable to perform his/her responsibilities at all on a day when there are scheduled obligations, no matter how much time he or she is scheduled for, the faculty member will take 8 hours of leave (personal or medical).   If the faculty member is able to come in for some of those scheduled obligations, then 4 hours of leave will be taken.

Faculty members are required to attend scheduled division meetings.  Missing a full division meeting falls under the language in the previous paragraph.