Facilities and Staff Services

Business Cards

Business cards are available from a common vendor and may be ordered through you division office by purchase requisition.


Computer Services

Computer Accounts:
All full-time IVCC faculty members have computer network accounts generated for them when they are hired.  All part-time IVCC faculty members will have computer network accounts automatically generated for them each semester.

Network Drive Information:
All faculty will be assigned the following drives:

  • U: Each instructor and student will have their own private U; drive located on the network server, IVCC, NOVELL 1.  This drive can be used for storing data files, word processing documents, etc., and is backed up nightly by Computer Services.
  • P: This drive allows for the storage of files that the instructor wants students to be able to use in a class.  The P: drive will start out empty at the beginning of each semester.  Faculty can create their own directories for each course that they wish to share files with their students.  Directories for each class will no longer be created automatically.  ALL directories will be cleaned out on the P: drive before each FALL semester.  Please save a copy of anything you need in the P: drive elsewhere and reload the files in the fall.

Faculty E-mail Account:
New full-time faculty will receive an Outlook e-mail account after completing the required training seminar.

Emergency Help Desk:
For computer, network, and/or telephone equipment related emergencies, dial the Campus Help Desk, extension #555.

Equipment Use Reservations:
To reserve a data projector and/or laptop for use on or off campus, please contact extension #463 at least one week in advance of the requested date.  For on-campus use, please specify time, date, room number, and whether network access is needed.  Equipment must not be left unattended or unsecured.  Advance arrangements must be made with ITS Department regarding drop-off and pick-up of equipment.

Educational Technologists:
The The Educational Technologists provide computer resource support for full and part-time faculty who wish to incorporate technology into their courses.  Call the CETLA Office at extension #520 or #515 for additional information.

Requests Via Deans

Deans should be contacted directly for the following: Requests for e-mail for an entire class, request for remote dial-in access, request for personal office computer, request to use new software on campus.  When applicable, these requests should be forwarded via e-mail to the Director of Computer Services by the Dean.

Mail Room Services

The shipping and receiving department offers faculty, staff, and students access to the United States Postal Service, Federal express, Airborne, and UPS services for the shipment and delivery of college mail, packages, and bulk mailings.  In addition, full and part-time faculty are assigned mailboxes where they can receive on and off-campus mail and deliveries.  Mail is delivered to faculty on the East Campus.  The mail room is located in C-118.

Telephone Services

Quick reference cards for using the features available on the IVCC phone system are available through the Purchasing Office (ext. #417).  Any questions regarding telephone moves, changes, and additions should also be directed to the Purchasing Office.  Collect calls are not accepted at IVCC.

Dental Services

Starting midterm of the fall semester to midterm of the spring semester, faculty may receive these services free of charge in the Dental Lab (Room B214).

  • Oral examination
  • Bitewing radiographs to check for decay between the teeth
  • Full mouth cleaning and tooth polishing
  • Placement of silver or tooth colored fillings
  • Placement of pit and fissure sealants

During the months of January and February a full mouth series of radiographs may be taken upon the written order of the faculty members family dentist.

Appointments must be scheduled by contacting ext. 359 or the Dental Lab at ext. 227. Appointments are scheduled on Friday mornings from 8-12. Appointments for full mouth radiographs must be scheduled with individual students however the initial contact may be made by calling either of the extensions listed above.