Classroom Guidelines - Children in Class, Extra-Curricular

Children in Classes

IVCC supports families and understands the needs of students who are parents. However, when students bring their children to class it can create a distraction for the parent as well as for other students and the instructor.  Therefore, students are discouraged from bringing their children to class. In a case where it is unavoidable, the instructor may grant permission.  Under no circumstances are children permitted in any labs except the Computer Resource Centers, which are subject to instructor discretion as outlined above.  In the interest of all concerned, students should not leave small children unattended anywhere on campus.

Notification of Absences for Extra- and Co-Curricular  Activities

IVCC supports student participation in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.  However, such participation should not seriously interfere with the student’s academic experience.  The sponsor of any extra or co-curricular activity should notify the faculty member from whose class the student(s) will be absent at least one week in advance of the event.   This notification should include the names of the student(s) involved. As much as possible, sponsors should take into account the days of the week that events fall on, to minimize multiple absences from the same class.