Administration - Employment Conditions and Responsibilities

Dean Responsibilities/Relationship to Faculty

The Deans will work with the Vice-President of Academic Affairs, the Vice-President of Students Services, faculty, counselors, program coordinators, staff and community in implementing activities in his/her division.  In addition to the responsibilities listed below, other responsibilities distinct to each division may exist as outlined in each chair's job description.

Schedule Development

Basic Duties: 

  1. Determine on campus and off campus course offerings to ensure program continuity each semester.
  2. Forecast the sections needed of each course and appropriate time offerings.
  3. Determine instructor assignment per course in program.
  4. Interact, interface, and communicate potential schedules with part time and full time faculty.
  5. Ensure schedule is designed to assure degree/certificate completion in the allocated time frame.

Other responsibilities may include: 

  1. Check for room availability and equipment needs, i.e.; technology, lab availability, and/or special needs course.
  2. Consult full and part time faculty regarding classroom needs.

Curriculum Management

Basic Duties: (In conjunction with appropriate faculty) 

  1. Initiate, facilitate, and forecast new courses and programs.
  2. Develop and update catalog course descriptions and catalog degree guidelines/guide sheets.
  3. Approve textbooks chosen by faculty.
  4. Facilitate and maintain relationships with counterparts at other colleges and universities.
  5. Develop new syllabi for new courses and ensure process completion for ICCB approval.
  6. Maintain and ensure updating of syllabi for all courses.
  7. Ensure course articulation by the transfer coordinator.
  8. Address articulation concerns with other colleges and universities.
  9. Determine appropriate course waivers for students.
  10. Ensure curriculum is current in the discipline and in industry.
  11. Maintain department and program records.
  12. Ensure day to day operation of division (departments and programs) is maintained.
  13. Inform bookstore of appropriate textbooks for all department and program courses.
  14. Provide leaderships and assist faculty with the preparation and development of new courses.
  15. Provide leadership and assist faculty with program planning and development.
  16. Provide leadership and assist faculty in the development of proficiency exams.
  17. Provide leadership and assist faculty in the development of on-line courses.
  18. Research and develop new programs and recruit advisory members as need dictates.

Other responsibilities may include: 

  1. Evaluate part time faculty course outlines.
  2. Evaluate students' transcripts for admission.

Faculty Staffing Process

Basic Duties: 

  1. Justify need for full time faculty.
  2. Recruit full and part time faculty; chair search committee.
  3. Review applicant credentials.
  4. Interview applicants and check references for employment.
  5. Arrange for mentors for full time and part time faculty.
  6. Evaluate full time and part time faculty.
  7. Interview support staff.
  8. Provide orientation of new faculty.


Other Responsibilities may include: 

  1. Upward and downward staff and administration evaluations.

Advisory Council

Basic Duties: (In conjunction with program coordinators)

  1. Recruit advisory council members.
  2. Initiate and conduct at least one meeting per year.
  3. Administer and manage communication and information processing between the advisory council and the college.
  4. Provide link between council and college.

Other responsibilities may include: 

  1. Schedule additional meetings as need; i.e., focus groups, etc.

Information Dissemination and Accumulation (IVCC)

Basic Duties: 

  1. Relay information from President and Vice-President of Academic Affairs to faculty.
  2. Maintain program records.
  3. Serve as liaison between faculty and administration.

Other responsibilities may include: 

  1. Prepare reports as requested by IVCC personnel and outside agencies.

Student Recruitment/Retention

Basic Duties: 

  1. Help to facilitate student recruitment.
  2. Analyze enrollment and retention data.
  3. Work with Vice-President of Academic Affairs to maintain program visibility.
  4. Coordinate development and preparation of marketing materials.
  5. Provide some student advisement.

Other Responsibilities: 

  1. Facilitate student recognition programs and contests.
  2. Arrange high school visits for program and department recruitment.
  3. Participate in student orientation.
  4. Facilitate student organizations.
  5. Provide professional consultation as needed.
  6. Mediate student/faculty complaints.

Faculty and Staff Professional Development

Basic Duties: 

  1. Encourage internal and external professional development participation.
  2. Provide professional development in division meetings.
  3. Provide leadership in student assessment to improve teaching and learning.
  4. Maintain inventories of instructional supplies in classrooms, laboratories, etc.
  5. Provide leadership in recruiting faculty and staff for college committee membership.
  6. Budget for adequate faculty development needs.
  7. Document and approve professional development participants for faculty salary schedule movement.
  8. Provide leadership and promote faculty involvement in decision making and college governance.


Basic Duties: 

  1. Develop division budgets.
  2. Provide leadership and assist with the development of program budgets.
  3. Work with program faculty to determine appropriate annual instructional and bi-annual capital equipment needs.
  4. Monitor expenditures to maintain a balanced division budget.
  5. Project capital expenditures
  6. Categorize expenses
  7. Maintain budget records
  8. Monitor maintenance schedules.

Advance Public Relations

Basic Duties: 

  1. Facilitate and enhance communication with area high schools and community.
  2. Provide professional consultation to high schools and some social institutions.
  3. Provide activities/events for the community.

Other Responsibilities may include: 

  1. Participate in professional organizations.
  2. Deliver community presentations.
  3. Participate in local, state and/or national organizations.
  4. Attend local organizational meetings regularly.


Basic Duties: 

  1. Provide leaderships for and assist faculty in the completion of necessary documentation and reports for program evaluation, including preparation of state reports.
  2. Make recommendations for programs and department curriculum changes based on evaluation.

Other General Responsibilities*

  1. Schedule regular division meetings.
  2. Encourage departmental meetings.
  3. Encourage creative development of innovative programs.
  4. Encourage interdepartmental and interdivisional professional relationships.

*This is a basic list.  Specific responsibilities may exist in individual divisions.