Academic Advisement, Student Enrollment and Academic Regulations

Illinois Articulation Initiative

A statewide program that allows students to know how their courses will transfer from one participating college or university to another.  Specifically, it determines how these courses will fulfill lower-division general education and lower level major course requirements.  The approval of courses for general education and college majors are defined and developed by panels of faculty at post-secondary institutions throughout the state.  Faculty from IVCC are encouraged to participate as members of general education and major panels.

The transfer degrees at IVCC, the Associate in Arts and Associate in Science, are in compliance with meeting the core general education package as defined by IAI.  The students transferring with the A.A. or A.S. degree have met an IAI participating college/university lower level general education requirements.

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The purpose of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is to afford certain rights to student concerning their education records.  FERPA governs access to and release of student records.

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Development Office

The Foundation is a non-profit entity that solicits gifts, with and without restrictions, that enhance the mission and vision of the college.  The Foundation awards 120 scholarships each year and provides funding for other educational elements that would otherwise be unaffordable because of budgetary limitations.  The Foundation also hosts a variety of fund-raising events.

The Development Office is responsible for the public and private grant solicitation.  They offer assistance in researching prospective funders and offer a review of grant proposals.  They also prepare and submit state and federal grant applications on behalf of IVCC.

The Development Office oversees the alumni database and programming.

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Colleague, by Datatel, Inc., is IVCC's integrated administrative software package.  It includes applications for student data, the college's financials, and human resource/payroll functions.  Faculty and staff will receive access to the system as they are trained in particular modules needed.  Full-time faculty will have access to basic student applications such as class availability reports, student schedules, roster view and printing and grading during appropriate times of the year.  New full-time faculty who do not have access to the system should work through their Deans as part of their orientation process.  Once the training has taken place, the Dean will work with Colleague module leads to acquire authorization for usage and proper security class assignments for faculty.

Entry Assessment and Placement

Admissions: The Office of Admissions and Records enters all applications for admission, registers students, and maintains student records.

Entry Assessment and Placement: First-time, full-time students are required to take the reading, writing, and math placement tests.  These are available at the feeder higher schools in the spring semesters and on campus throughout the year.  Also, students planning to take an English writing course or a math test are also required to complete the respective placement tests.  Applicants should contact the Assessment Center at 224-0557 for testing time options.

Late Registration:

Registration is required prior to the first class meeting.

Proficiency Examination Policy

Credit for proficiency examinations may be granted for full college credit form all students currently accepted in Illinois Valley Community College.  Proficiency examinations may be offered in the form of a course written examination, combination of written and performance examination, and/or documentation of prior learning through the use of a portfolio.  The division in which the course is taught will place on file the timelines and standards that must be attained to pass the examination.  Approval to take the examination must be granted by the appropriate Dean.  Credit offerings are at the discretion of each division and a list of the offerings and procedures are available in the Counseling Center and Division Offices.

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