Guidelines for Faculty Engagement Activities

Faculty Engagement Activities and their corresponding credits earned per semester shall include but are not limited to:

Serving as the faculty sponsor for a registered student organization (6 hrs)
Assisting the faculty sponsor of a registered student organization (variable)
Serving on a college committee or action project team (1 hr per meeting)

Monthly meeting (4 hrs)
Bi-monthly meetings (2 hrs)
Semester meetings (1 hrs)

Presenting a breakout session at an in-service or development day (2 hrs)
Presenting a professional development workshop (2 hrs)
Attending a student performance, athletic event, or function (1 hr)
Attending a Board of Trustees meeting (1 hr)
Taking part in a community outreach event sponsored by the College (1 hr)
Taking part in a campus fundraising event (1 hr)
Attending a faculty performance or presentation that is not part of an inservice or development day presentation (1 hr)
Presenting or performing as part of an on-campus event (2 hrs)

Variable hours must be agreed upon in advance by the faculty member and the appropriate Dean. Faculty wishing to have activities not included in this list recognized as meeting a portion of the 15-hour requirement must seek prior approval from their Dean. In the event the Dean does not agree, the faculty member may appeal this decision to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs and subsequently to the Vice President for Learning and Student Development.