4.0 Violations

4.0.1 Actions that are prohibited:

  • Disregarding the use of the web page template.
  • Copyright and licensing violations. All such violations are the responsibility of the owner of the page to whom it belongs and not the responsibility of the college.
  • Vandalism and mischief that incapacitates, compromises or destroys college resources and/or violates federal or state laws.
  • Posting of private or confidential information (e.g., faculty/staff private directory information without permission, student records or addresses).
  • Use of a web site for personal business or gain, including advertisements for commercial services or products provided by the owner of the page or third party.
  • Dissemination of obscene, harassing, threatening or unwelcome communications as outlined in college policy, federal, state or local laws.
  • Allowing non-approved/unqualified individuals or groups using your account to access the Web server.


4.1 Disciplinary Action

4.1.1 Abuse of computing privileges and nonobservance of these policies will subject violators to disciplinary action. Computing privileges may be revoked and violators will be subject to the usual judicial procedures of the College. In addition, this policy does not preclude further action resulting from the application of pertinent laws and regulations of the State of Illinois and/or the United States of America.

4.1.2 Member(s) of the Web Staff will review web pages on a periodic basis. In the case of a minor violation, an initial warning letter or e-mail will be issued to the individual. (Errors in the use of the Web template may be corrected with or without notice.)  The individual's account may be deactivated until the person responds to the letter or e-mail. The letter or e-mail will state that the user's actions violated these Guidelines and Procedures as reviewed by Information and Technology Services, or an individual or group of individuals acting on behalf of Information and Technology Services. The user will have two business days to correct the violation.  If a second violation occurs, the user's account will be deactivated, followed by a letter or e-mail describing the violation. Where appropriate, the matter will be turned over to the proper office or supervisor.

4.1.3 If, in the opinion of the Web Staff, a violation is excessive or a blatant attempt to undermine the use of the Internet, or the reputation of Illinois Valley Community College, the Learning Technologies Staff reserves the right to disregard the warning process, immediately disable the user's account and turn the matter over to the Director of Information and Technology Services office. The Learning Technologies Staff will cooperate fully, upon the advice of the College legal counsel, with any local, state or federal officials investigating an alleged crime committed by an individual who has an account on an Illinois Valley Community College computer system.

4.1.4 Errors in the use of the Web template may be corrected with or without notice.