2.0 Web Site Redesign Reasoning

2.0.1 Information on the IVCC web site has been classified based on a group of faculty and administration decision and oversight.  Meetings were held with these groups to determine the classifications.  Through those meetings they determined what to call the sections of the college's web site and what the sub-categories should be called and what those sub-sub-categories (etc.) should contain.

2.0.2 By doing this traditionally named department names were discovered to be totally unknown and unrecognizable to students.  Therefore, it was necessary to change the titles of many areas of the old web site.  The college web site is now based on informational titles rather than departmental titles.

2.0.3 Then faculty and administration were asked to review the findings and give their input.  This was especially necessary for renaming departments on the web site and for defining the content that would be held in the Faculty and Staff section and to allow administrators input in their findings of their specific/special target audiences.

2.0.4 Finally, two independant design firms designed the web site and the new site was implemented.


2.1 IVCC Web Site Front Page

2.1.1 The Quick Find section of the front page of the IVCC web site was based on faculty and administration input and their choosing of the most requested areas of the IVCC web site.

2.1.2 If you would like an announcement or advertisement graphic on the front page please contact the office of Community Relations and Marketing at Community_Relations@ivcc.edu or (815) 224-0465.