The Writing Center

What We Do

The Writing Center is a free service available to all registered part-time and full-time IVCC students. For help at any stage of the writing process, sign up for an appointment with an English instructor or qualified peer.

The Writing Center is located in the Learning Commons in D201.

The Writing Center offers

  • One-on-one interaction with a qualified peer tutor or English instructor
  • Help with brainstorming or outlining
  • Help with large-scale revisions, like organization and development, and small-scale revisions, like style and sentence structure
  • Help with grammar and punctuation
  • Help with MLA, APA, or Chicago documentation
  • Multiple handouts on numerous essay and writing subjects
  • English Language Learners Conversation Partners
  • As many sessions as the student desires throughout the semester
  • Quick Query email service for simple questions

What goes on during a tutoring session?

  • One-on-one interaction with a peer tutor or instructor
  • If you need help with an essay, the tutor will 1) read the essay, 2) identify areas for improvement, and 3) suggest revisions and corrections

If you need help starting an essay, the tutor/instructor will

  • Help you understand the assignment and expectations
  • Help create an outline
  • Help brainstorm new angles and ideas
  • Help organize thoughts and ideas

What should I bring to the session?

  • Copy of the assignment sheet from instructor stating the expectations for the assignment
  • Copy of the essay draft or any other materials
  • Writing utensils
  • Paper

To sign up for an appointment, stop by the Writing Center and sign the appointment book, use our online form, or contact the Learning Commons at 224-0318. For the Ottawa Center, stop by the front desk or call 815-224-0800.