The Writing Center


Welcome to the Writing Center at IVCC.

The Writing Center is located in the Learning Commons in D201. We are here to help students through all stages of the writing process for assignments in any classes. Find out more about What We Do and Who We Are.

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Spring 2015 Schedule

Monday 9-6

Tuesday 8-4

Wednesday 9-3

Thursday 8-4

Friday 8-2

Appointments are made in ½-hour or one-hour increments and can be made in advance. Walk-ins are welcome if tutors are free.  Click here for the detailed tutor schedule.

Tutoring at the Ottawa Center

The Writing Center is pleased to offer tutoring hours at the IVCC Ottawa location.
To learn more, click Tutoring at the Ottawa Center .

Quick Query

Have a quick question about writing? Email us with a Quick Query!

English Language Learners Conversation Partners

Are you learning English as your second (or third? or fourth?) language. The Writing Center would be happy to offer you a chance to practice your English skills with a native speaker in a easygoing, friendly environment. To learn more, click English Language Learners Conversation Partners.

Contacting Us

To contact the Writing Center and schedule an appointment, just

  • Stop by the Writing Center (in the Learning Commons in D201), or
  • Call the Learning Commons at (815) 224-0318, or
  • Use our online form.

We look forward to helping you with your writing assignments!