FEN 1000     Conversational French I
FEN 1001     Elementary French I
FEN 1002     Elementary French II
FEN 1010     Conversational French II
FEN 2001     Intermediate French I
FEN 2002     Intermediate French II
FEN 2003     Composition & Conversation
FEN 2004     Survey of French Literature


GER 1000     Conversational German
GER 1001     Elementary German I
GER 1002     Elementary German II
GER 1010     Conversational German II
GER 2001     Intermediate German I
GER 2002     Intermediate German II
GER 2003     Composition & Conversation
GER 2004     Survey of German Literature


ITL 1000       Conversational Italian I
ITL 1010       Conversational Italian II


SPN 1000     Conversational Spanish I
SPN 1001     Elementary Spanish I
SPN 1002     Elementary Spanish II
SPN 1010     Conversational Spanish for Professionals
SPN 1200     Conversational Spanish for Medical Personnel
SPN 2001     Intermediate Spanish I
SPN 2002     Intermediate Spanish II
SPN 2003     Spanish Composition & Grammar
SPN 2004     Survey of Hispanic Literature

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