Welding Technology

Program Coordinator Paul Leadingham
Office BJ-W 102 (East Campus)
(815) 224-0319
fax (815) 224-0262
E-mail:    Paul_Leadingham@ivcc.edu

Illinois Valley Community College
Attn: Paul Leadingham
815 North Orlando Smith Road
Building J-W
Oglesby, Illinois  61348-9692


Welding Program Information

Students must attend a registration session to enroll in welding classes. These sessions allow students to meet with welding instructor, Paul Leadingham, to determine what welding classes to enroll in. Up to fifteen students are allowed in each class with spots given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Students can meet with a counselor before or after the session or use WebAdvisor to sign up for general education courses.

To sign up for a registration session call (815) 224-0439 or visit the Office of Admissions and Records. 

Registration Guide  Registration sign up information. 



The welding shop is laid out with the Stick Booths on the left and the MIG booths on the right when viewed from the rear of the shop. The burn table is located at the rear of the shop between the rows of booths.
The lower photos show the Water Cooled TIG Welder and equipment, as well as a picture of the shop from the main entry door area.


                                  Welding Shop Photos


pictures of welding shop
   shop left side 2            Stick Welding Booths    shop right side 2             MIG Welding Booths


                                               Burn Table 

pictures of welding shop


       Water Cooled TIG Welder


    Shop from Main Door

Most welding courses are held twice a week for eight weeks or once a week for fourteen weeks. Students can pursue any of the six new welding certificates and now are able to attain an AAS (Associate’s Degree of Applied Science) in Welding Technology.

AWS INFORMATION  IVCC Welding lab is an AWS Accredited Test Facility.  

AAS Welding Production Guide sheet for Associate's of Applied Science in Welding Production

AAS Welding Construction Guide sheet for Associate's of Applied Science in Welding Construction

Basic Construction Welding Certificate Guide sheet for Certificate in Basic Welding Construction

Advanced Construction Welding Certificate  Guide sheet for Certificate in Advanced Welding Construction

GMAW (MIG) Welding Certificate  Guide sheet for Certificate in GMAW (MIG) Welding      

GTAW (TIG) Welding Certificate  Guide sheet for Certificate in GTAW (TIG) Welding       

OAW Welding Certificate  Guide sheet for Certificate in OAW (Oxy/Actylene) Welding      

Production Welding Certificate  Guide sheet for Certificate in Production Welding